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Should I use credit card or cash?

by Mike on September 10, 2013

should I use credit card or cash

Have you ever wondered why most people never seem to be able to save any money, let alone buy things that they actually can’t afford? This is not a result of suffering from a modern psychological condition such as oniomania which compels you to go on a marathon shopping spree as soon as that paycheck […]


Lifestyle Inflation vs Frugality

by Mike on October 18, 2010

I won’t be winning the crown for the “queen of frugality” this year! There are areas where I still suffer from lifestyle inflation. OK, maybe suffer is a bit extreme because I’m enjoying my new toy that I am about to disclose below. When asked what frugality means to me for Almost Frugal This is […]


How a FREE Raffle Cost Me $70

by Mike on February 5, 2010

So there I was on Christmas eve with a few gifts left to pick up. My day and route was already planned because I don’t really like shopping. I prefer to go into a store and pick up what I need and get out. I had 4 gifts left to purchase, a Palm Pre for […]


Earlier, I wrote about the dumbest financial move I ever made. That was the purchase of my 2004 Mitsubshi Outlander. Coming in at number 2 of dumb financial moves didn’t cost quite as much but was foolish none the less. Warning: The events you are about to read took place when I was wondering through […]