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Retail Tips to turn you into a smart shopper

by Mike on February 23, 2013

Retail Tips

Betraying the code – Retailers   I know I may not have commented about it in my About Me page but I spent a somewhat interesting three years working in retail in my past working history. On top of that (yes I am a sucker for punishment) I spent another seven years working in wholesale […]


Top tips to reduce moving costs

by Mike on September 25, 2012

Moving Costs

Great ideas on planning ahead to reduce moving costs Moving house, while often an exciting and positive life change, can be quite a costly and time-consuming business. Even when downsizing to a smaller property, the expenses incurred through the sale of a house or flat and in securing a new home can be considerable. An […]


Christmas Savings

Christmas Savings We have all been facing the challenges of an economy that is unstable. A slow improvement is predicted in 2012, but complete recovery is still very fragile.  People are finding ways to save money and spend more carefully, especially during the Christmas season, a time where families and friends look forward to gathering […]