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Is 2013 a Good Time to Invest in Australian Real Estate?   Though the global housing market has had its ups and downs over the past decade, Australia is one country which has navigated the turbulence with ease. Despite a similar economic situation to Europe and the US, the Australian Real Estate market has managed […]

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2012 The Year that was!

by Mike on January 17, 2013

Christmas Carnival Madness With the Christmas holiday and New Year madness it took a while to compile the Carnival Roundup for 2012 and I must apologize to our readers for not letting you know how widespread our content got. Hoping everyone had a great end to 2012 and a Merry Christmas. Title..: Four great ideas […]


November Carnival Roundup

by Mike on November 22, 2012

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November was a good month for people reading our articles and commenting. Here is the monthly tally for those who liked what we talked about.         Title..: A Cash Budget – Its not all bad news Personal Finance Journey Y and T’s Weekend Ramblings at Young and Thrifty Yakezie Carnival at The […]


Fire Safety at Work

by Mike on November 22, 2012

Business Fire Safety

Business Fire Safety starts with you Dealing with a fire is no joking matter, and if you run a business, it can result in a serious loss. Either through stock loss, damage to building and premises, loss of company data and most important of all the time it takes you to get back on your […]


Big Screen

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year because it gets darker out earlier and it is starting to feel cooler.  However, before it gets too cold, now is a great time to start having Autumn festivals or other fun outdoor events including that planned Corporate Function. However, these days, many young people and […]


Peer to Peer lending

Payday Loan Alternatives If you need to borrow money, for whatever the reason, there are a lot of payday loan alternatives that you should consider when borrowing.  Payday loans are typically very short term loans, so depending on your needs and situation, there may be better lending alternatives out there for you. Peer to Peer […]


0% On your Credit Card

Each month, when you review your credit card statement, you probably shake your head and wonder if there is an easy way to free yourself from a high APR and transfer your balance to a credit card with a 0% interest rate. This could save you hundreds of dollars during the introductory period of a […]


Debt Management Company – Can they help?

by Mike on November 2, 2012

Debt Management Company Headquarters

Although the recession may technically have passed, for many millions of people in the UK the financial crisis is still very much a reality. Unemployment is at record highs, credit card rates are higher than ever, and interest rates remain incredibly low, making it more difficult than ever to find value if you’re looking to […]


Christmas on a Budget

by Mike on October 25, 2012

Who says you cant have Christmas on a Budget? Today’s fragile economy should not dampen your holiday spirits as you begin to think ahead about Christmas festivities.  Christmas is a time when families and friends look forward to gathering together and enjoying each other’s company. The cost of the experience is not important the important […]


Credit Rating UK

UK Credit Rating – Did you know how important it is being on the electoral roll for your credit report? If you’re in a hurry, the answer to that question is this: very important. Quite why this is takes a little more explanation. It might not seem terribly fair to those not inclined to vote, […]