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Ways in Which Debt Worries affect everyone

by Mike on August 11, 2013

lot of debt

Having a lot of debt can prove extremely stressful for the average person, not just in terms of their financial freedom but also in many other ways most of us may not have considered. Debt worries can take its toll and impact you in unusual and different areas of your life. Which is why it […]


Creativity Can Make You Debt-Free

by Mike on February 6, 2013

Pay off debt

The Truth on How to Pay Off Debt Have you ever tried to pay off debt and end up frustrated and discouraged? Have you attended countless seminars and bought a lot of books on how to get out of debt but still ended up drowned in debt? You might even be wondering how in the […]

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Debt Management Company – Can they help?

by Mike on November 2, 2012

Debt Management Company Headquarters

Although the recession may technically have passed, for many millions of people in the UK the financial crisis is still very much a reality. Unemployment is at record highs, credit card rates are higher than ever, and interest rates remain incredibly low, making it more difficult than ever to find value if you’re looking to […]


Personal Debt: Its not all bad news

by Mike on August 31, 2012

Personal Debt

Personal Debt Personal debt doesn’t always have to be bad news. Debt can be classified into different kinds that have different effects upon us and our personal finances and it can be important to understand those. Bad debt: Those purchases we make for ourselves or for those greedy reasons. That new flat screen TV, the […]


I received the following email the other day. Here is the email below and my reply. What other stories / advice can you offer this reader. I asked her to check back here for more info from this great community! I am currently taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class that is being offered […]


Those dedicated to strengthening their financial situation often find themselves facing the decision of paying off debt or building a large emergency fund. There are benefits to both, and the final decision will ultimately be based on your personal preference, risk tolerance, and priorities. Benefits of Paying off Debt First – You free up income […]


Should I Hurry to Pay off My Student Loans

by Mike on February 12, 2010

I am NOT a fan of debt, so why in the world wouldn’t I pay off my student loan with “gazelle like” intensity? The screenshot below will explain why I considered a less than aggressive payment strategy for my student loans. Think back to 2002-2003, college consolidation loans hit an all time low interest rate. […]


Debt Health Assessment

by Mike on January 11, 2010

Debt Health Assessment

  “Health is not valued till sickness comes.”   Please answer honestly, this will be for you to retain. Many of the questions are subjective, they are designed to get you to think about the impact of financial decisions and debt. On a sheet of paper, number 1 through 12, for each question write yes […]

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