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Christmas time and your credit card spend

by Mike on December 3, 2013

Christmas time and your credit card spend

One of my favorite personal finance topics is the Credit Card, the deal you get with your credit companies and what to pay attention to with your credit card to make sure using one doesn’t hurt you financially in the long run. With Christmas just on the horizon our credit card usage will be at […]


Grow or Buy - Can I Save Money Buying My Food?

This is part two of our grow or buy your own food and can save with either read here for Part1 of can I save money growing my food. I am tempted to say ‘Yes’ right away to saving money buying food because it is obvious that those who grow food for sale have managed […]


How you benefit from growing your own food

Let me confess from the onset that I am biased towards growing my own food only because I am guaranteed that what I see is what I get — no chemical residues or GMOs that am not aware of. And I do not mean that GMOs are entirely bad but I just like having to […]


How to Use Discount Online Shopping to Save

by Mike on November 11, 2013

Discount online shopping

Discount online shopping used to be some rare shopping attraction some years back, but it has now become almost commonplace. Service providers use it as much as product sellers so much so that some people won’t be caught any day buying without a coupon. With that said it still requires some degree of patience and […]


Stay at home and save while making the most of your garden this winter

Just because the light summer nights have given way to cold, dark and dreary evenings, there’s no reason why your outdoor space should be neglected from your presence for months on end. Traditionally in those colder months we tend to go looking for warmer locales when we want to get out of the house and […]


5 Unique Money Saving tips When Dining Out

by Mike on October 29, 2013

Post image for 5 Unique Money Saving tips When Dining Out

Dining out is convenient and fun but it can be pretty expensive. Since dining out for some people is inevitable by the nature of their work, it may help to observe some money saving tips that will help cut down on expenses. 1.    Selecting your eating place carefully There are many eateries in town and […]


Save Money by Upgrading Your Appliances

by Mike on October 1, 2013

save money by upgrading

It’s very rare to find someone who will tell you they “I Have enough money Thank You” and that they have no reason to save in any aspect of their lives and therefore have no reason to look at money saving strategies. For the rest of us finding good ways to save money to cut back […]


Money saving tips for the Laundry

by Mike on September 26, 2013

money saving tips for the laundry

Although the economy is in the process of recovering, no matter if you are poor, old, young or wealthy chances are your still looking for ways to keep a little bit more in your bank and thus today we present money saving tips for the laundry that we can all do. We all know that […]


How to select the perfect promotional product

by Mike on September 23, 2013

promotional merchandising

Promotional merchandising is an extremely effective means of reaching out to your customers, increasing brand awareness and encouraging brand loyalty in your clients, associates and even employees. But like all marketing endeavors your often dependent on the advice you receive as to the choices you make on the promotional product and the direction your marketing […]


Post image for The Easiest Ways to Lower Car Insurance Premiums

The cost of car ownership can be prohibitive for many drivers, with rising fuel costs and the sticker shock that comes with buying a new model. However, one expense that can vary quite a bit is the cost of car insurance. It’s worth taking the time to shop around in order to find the best […]


used car

Every now and then your going to need a new set of wheels or like me you might be considering buying a used car. As a rule of thumb I have always found that buyers get more for their money when they buy used. A pre-owned or used car carries a lower price tag than […]


Creative money saving ideas for the car

by Mike on July 30, 2013

money saving ideas for the car

Part two of saving money in the car and on your gas bills (click here for Part 1 on How to Save money on Gas). This time let’s get really creative on how to save money when driving around and on gas. Many of us already have our own useful techniques and ideas and let’s […]


how can I save money on gas

Tips to Save Gas With the gas prices these days, everyone’s asking themselves “how can I save money on gas?” The good news is there are many different ways to save money on gas that will really surprise you. By making a few changes to how you do things and keeping a close eye on […]


Thrifty cleaning habits

In our past writings we covered saving through Leading an Eco Friendly lifestyle, Cutting those energy bills with Money Saving Energy Tips and when hitting the shopping isles Saving Money while Shopping. Adding to our money saving tips today we have some great ideas about living frugally with 5 Thrifty cleaning habits everyone know. When money […]


Home Budget

If you want to understand the psychology of being wealthy, it means understanding your income source and how you deal with your expenses. More often than not, we tend to look for complex frugal home ideas when there are more basic and simple frugal living ideas that can help us with our home budget. It […]


Are you chasing the coupon dream?

by Mike on May 28, 2013

are coupons worth it

” Couponing” “Coupons” or “Discount coupons” can be a good way to save money but I will be honest before I start my rant (or lack thereof) with regards to couponing in the past my personal mindset was one of I would rather spend my time in the effort of making more money than trying […]


Home security

Most homeowners invest in a security system to help protect their loved ones against intruders, fire and other hazards. But the benefits of an alarm system reach far beyond just the simple protection of your home and family. As it turns out having one installed can yield considerable financial benefits for you and your wallet […]


House Swap

With my lady and I heading away on a holiday in no less than five days now the Easter long weekend was something we wanted to take advantage of but we didn’t want to spend any serious money on. After all an international 3 week holiday versus a 3 day long weekend. Which one do […]


Eco-friendly lifestyle

It’s become a well-known fact in recent years that there are amazing benefits to be gained by switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle. And as this knowledge becomes more prevalent, the costs of these changes have been rapidly decreasing.  In fact, many companies and government agencies are now openly encouraging consumers to begin switching to more […]

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Easy Money Saving Energy tips

by Mike on March 19, 2013

Money Saving Energy Tips

Sure I can tell you that saving energy and money around the house is easy but in order for this to work you need to get up off the couch and actually make some changes. I have written in several of my previous articles you need to take action to achieve any results so here […]