Thanks for stopping by Personal Finance Journey! My name is Mike and I am the proud new  owner of this site. The original owner of PFJ started this site as a way to share her thoughts, ideas and experiences as she evolved, discovered and moved through the milestones of financial development on her own personal finance journey.

As a student of self development, self improvement and financial intelligence her site inspired and resonated with my own goals and principles. As the proud new owner of PFJ I plan to continue on in the same helpful way Lakita did. By sharing my experiences, my learning’s, my plans to save, spend or invest money and how I find ways to improve personal finances I hope to make the same impact she did.

About Me


Growing up in Australia I was educated in a private all boys school which gave me a quality education to become a successful worker but not quite the right ideas on becoming financially free nor positioning myself as a business owner or with an investor mindset.

Like many families my family mindset seemed to be that “working hard will allow you to be successful”. Inherit in this mindset is that the harder you work the more you can make. Some of  the things I have learnt in the last ten years challenge this concept.

A college education in teaching provided me with an independent way of thinking but also didn’t provide much in the way of “Financial Smarts”. However to give credit the best part of my tertiary education was an introduction to computers which opened my gateway to the internet.

Working for many years in IT Hardware but being passionate and interested in the Internet (back when dial up modems where all the rage) I found myself quite IT savvy and therefore was natural that my next educational step would come in the form of online business.

And it was at this point I came across some of the teachings of mindset gurus like Dr Joe Vitale, Paul Blackburn, and Bob Harrison all of whom continued challenging my financial concepts and thought processes.

Like Lakita I am on a financial journey of discovery and change and this site will enable me to share this with you my readers and the online community.

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