Business Cloud and IT Savings

by Mike on January 18, 2022


When a company hires an IT Professional, you will nearly always have to eventually have to hire additional staff such as Network Administrators and Systems Administrators to support your business growth. If your planning on saving the company money and reduce any chance of network downtime, management should consider outsourcing into cloud based management services.

Here are some of the obvious and less obvious benefits of a managed IT system in the Cloud.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for a company

  1. Improved security

By outsourcing IT services, your company can ensure that its data is safeguarded by an experienced IT team with the right software to manage authentication.

  1. Improved efficiency

With dedicated resources focused on your company’s needs, you will see greater productivity in your business processes. An outsourced IT department will improve ticket response time and work with employees to provide the tools they need for maximum efficiency.

  1. Improved availability

Outsourced IT staff and Managed Services usually provide businesses with a complete package. It includes monitoring, patches and updates, hardware management, and hardening your software to ensure that it runs properly.

  1. Reduced costs

With an outsourced IT department, you will see budgetary savings because the cost of hiring additional in-house staff is eliminated. Also, this allows this money to be spent on other essential business concerns such as marketing or expanding your business rather than being spent on an extra employee’s salary and benefits.

  1. Improved customer service

Your customers rely on uptime 24/7, just like you do for your business. With a proactive managed IT services team, you can help maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by quickly identifying and solving problems before they occur. I checked a couple of Cloud Providers and found OnPlatinum runs 24/7 so anyone you contact should too!

  1. Improved morale

Having a dedicated team of experts that works with you as a partner on your technology initiatives can improve employee productivity and job satisfaction. This is because employees feel trusted to manage their responsibilities without interference from company leadership.

  1. Agility

An outsourced IT team will allow faster response times when new applications need to be implemented, or a new project needs to be completed quickly.

  1. Scalability

Outsourcing allows businesses to scale up or down depending on the current business growth demands, which can become especially important during seasonal changes in business activity such as tax season. When demand increases, an outsourced IT staff can help meet those demands by providing additional resources, and if demand decreases, they can scale down to meet needs.

  1. Peace of Mind

A team of experts is available 24/7 to take care of all your IT needs, so you will always have peace of mind knowing that you prioritize technology that works for your business.

  1. Relationship building

An outsourced IT staff can help strengthen relationships with customers by providing them with better service than internal staff. This will set your company apart from the competition and lead your business towards increased profitability in the long term.

There are many benefits of outsourcing IT services. Hiring an outsourced team can free up company time and money and ensure that the necessary IT support is available when it is needed.


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