12 Health & Wellbeing Habits to Improve your Business Finances

by Kym Power on May 14, 2019

12 Health & Well being Habits to Improve your Business Finances

Running a business can be exciting, rewarding, fun and profitable.

However, if you’ve inevitably found yourself in a “cashflow crunch” for either a short or protracted length of time you can quickly feel the pressure and stress that it causes.

Sleepless nights, anxiety, depression, emotional overwhelm and numerous negative habits can quickly become the norm.

Break free from this destructive cycle and take charge of your mental, emotional physical and financial wellbeing.  When things get tough, it can be really tempting to bury your head in the sand, ignore the situation and hope that it gets better.  But hope never achieves anything, action does so let’s get to it.

  1. Review your financial situation and make a detailed list of all the debts owed
  2. Review your incoming cash
  3. Acknowledge the shortfall in cash and the true facts of your finances
  4. Next, take a personal review of your daily habits and how you are coping (or not) with the situation (without mentally beating yourself up too much!)
  5. Make a list of what you can do to make changes – how can you reduce expenses, increase sales and what has to change in your daily habits, attitude and behavior to turn the situation around?
  6. Implement positive habits that help increase your personal wellbeing and coping mechanisms
  7. Meditate for 15 minutes every morning and night to relieve tension in the mind and body
  8. Exercise for 30 minutes to 60 minutes, 4 – 5 days a week to increase your dopamine and serotonin levels in the body for positive mood enhancement
  9. Eat healthy, nutritious food and do your best to avoid emotional eating
  10. If you find yourself having a glass or two (or more) of wine after work to “wind down”, lower your daily intake of alcohol as it is actually a depressant substance and negatively impacts your emotional and physical wellbeing
  11. Write down both the short term and long term goals that you want to achieve in regards to your finances (but please be realistic)
  12. If you need help and guidance in any of these areas – ask for it!  It shows your strength and tenacity to not just survive but thrive.

Being in business can, at times feel lonely and be terribly isolating, especially when things aren’t going well. The worry, stress, long work hours and fatigue can be polarizing not only for your health but it can cause immense tension and disharmony in your intimate familiar relationships. The biggest thing to remember is that it’s not just you that this situation is happening to!

Many businesses go through tough times and cash flow issues.  The difference in the overall long term result is how you approach the issue that you are facing and how you manage your health and wellbeing.  Not just your physical health but equally important, your mental and emotional health.  

Your results will ultimately be determined by how you show up every day and who you become as a high performance professional and leader in your business as you work to fulfill your business goals and dreams.  You can make a difference and actively change your results when you feel physically, mentally and emotionally empowered and prepared to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Kym Power – Master Massage Therapist & Health and wellbeing Stylist

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