How to Enjoy Happy Holidays and Still Save Up For New Year

by Mike on November 29, 2017

How to Enjoy Happy Holidays and Still Save Up For New Year

“Do not save what remains after spending; spend that which is left after saving.” – Warren Buffet

It is that time of the year once again; the world is witnessing holiday after holiday and enjoying celebration after celebration. With schools closing and shops being kind because of the festive season, life cannot get any juicier. Just the other day the world celebrated Halloween, with people going out of their way to prove how they can pull off different costumes. Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner, not forgetting that Christmas is also approaching to top it all.

Holidays are incredible, fun and relaxing. It is the time when friends and families get the opportunity to reunite and catch up, and couples get the chance to go on vacations to re-kindle their love. During holidays, many gifts are shared and exchanged. It is also the time when many opt to celebrate weddings so that plenty of people can attend and witness the exchange of vows.

However, these festive seasons can really take a toll on someone’s pocket or bank account. Why? Everyone wants to explore, celebrate and have a good time…it can be overwhelming. And it is for this reason that companies like Wilkins Finance are worried about the people who spend without thinking twice.

It is almost the end of the year, which means that we are about to jump into yet another year. Now, the last thing you could wish for is jumping into the next year in a poor house. In other words: no money, no school fees, insufficient food and the like. Not to say that you should keep off from celebrations, but beware of how you handle your expenses.

Living Well Spending Less assert that it is essential to find a balance between fun and expenditure. Do not spend everything today and forget to leave some for tomorrow. That said, the following are various ways in which you can enjoy the holidays and still keep more of your money:

  • How much can you spend?

Having a budget is very important. You need to figure out and decide how much you can spend during the celebrations. The budget will keep your spending in check, seeing to it that you do not overspend. Having a budget is one thing, but not everyone is always disciplined and strict enough to adhere to it. Ensure to include everything on the budget, even the little extras that you consider harmless.

  • Create time to plan ahead

Avoid diving into festivities without prior preparations. That is one way you will end up spending more money then regret later. Take your time to plan for any celebration that is ahead. Let us say you will be hosting the entire family for the Thanksgiving party. What meals are to be prepared? Will you have any decorations? How many gifts will you be giving out? Make a clear plan of what lies ahead; otherwise, you will find yourself spending cash here and there to make up for what you did not accomplish earlier.

  • Go for the sales

Shop smart during this holiday season. With the air of celebrations all over the place, even store owners will be pleased to make their customers feel good. Take advantage of the numerous sales being offered and save up some money. Get online and search for great deals in different stores. If you are shopping for gifts especially, choosing to go online will save you on shipping and wrapping. Black Friday is just around the corner, and many stores are already advertising the amazing offers they have in store. Amazon, for instance, is well prepared to impress its customers in many ways.

  • Do not compete

At no point should you ever compare yourself to others. Some people will always have more than what you have. Therefore when you make it a competition, you will end up using up to the last coin in your savings account. Be grateful for what you have, however little, and make good use of it to the maximum. Holiday seasons are about happiness and sharing. And as someone once said, you do not have to be rich to be generous.

  • Save up all year

Maybe it is too late to save enough for this season, but the best way to have enough capital is to save up since the beginning of the year. That way, you will avoid the pressure of having to work extra the last minute; or the temptation of dipping your hand into funds set aside for other vital purposes.




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