Work Woes: How Do You Cope When You Lose Your Job?

by Mike on May 31, 2017

Work Woes: How Do You Cope When You Lose Your Job?

Our jobs are so much more than just work. They’re how we fund our lifestyle, our security, and even our identity. There’s a reason one of the very first questions people ask when they meet is ‘what do you do for a living?’ So when you find yourself out of work, there are a huge range of practical and emotional considerations to bear in mind. Whether you’ve been made redundant, fired, you’ve left due to illness or something else- here’s what to think about next.

Find Out If You Are Entitled To Any Help

Different countries have different welfare systems, so you will need to do some research. If you’re out of work, you might be entitled to some help. People can be too proud to accept help from the government, but this money can be a lifesaver. It can allow you to pay your bills and feed yourself while you look for something else. If you have left work due to accident or injury, you may be entitled to money if you’re not able to work. If you were made ill or injured due to someone else’s neglect, it could be worth speaking to personal injury lawyers too. At least that way your medical bills are covered so you’re not falling into more and more debt while you’re not working.

Look For a New Job

If you’re still fit for work, you will probably want to look for a new job as quickly as possible. While this can be a stressful time, try to see the positives. Maybe your old job had become stagnant, but you were in too much of a rut to leave. Maybe you’d moved up as far as you could in the company, or perhaps you just wanted a change. If you have savings or your partner is able to support you financially for a while, how about re-training or even studying again? This could allow you to get a job in a different field in something you’re passionate about. You could even set up a new business. There are different schemes and grants in place to look into if something like this is on the cards.

Re-Work Your Budget

Losing your income will mean a change in lifestyle. You will need to work out your budget in order to keep on top of things. Write a list of priority bills, these are things like rent or mortgage, gas, and electricity. Ring up your other companies such as mobile phone contracts and internet provider and see if your package can be canceled or reduced. Cancel any luxuries such as the gym, magazine subscriptions and other extras you pay for each month that you can live without. It can be difficult adjusting to this, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be forever. But at least during leaner times, you’re ensuring you can keep a roof over your head. Having savings to act as a buffer for times like this is also invaluable. Something to remember once you get back on your feet.



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