Saving The Planet Can Save You Money

by Mike on May 16, 2017

Saving The Planet Can Save You Money

Eco-friendly living isn’t just something you should do to feel better about yourself. It also has the added incentive that it can save you money. Let go of your hippy hate and embrace the lifestyle of the future with these green moneysaving methods.

Pack in processed foods

You can live off cheap microwaved meals and takeaway pizzas, but it won’t be good for your health, leading to more medical bills in the future. But that isn’t the only reason to go organic. Fresh fruit, vegetables and meat can generally be inexpensive from a market, especially in rural areas. Those wanting to save even more money can go the extra mile and grow their own produce. Seeds cost very little and you can save money on fertiliser by using your own compost. You don’t even need a garden to grow many fruit and vegetables – avocados, lemons, mushrooms, carrots and mandarin oranges can all be grown indoors.

Go green on the road

The best way to save money driving is to use your vehicle less, and walk/cycle more. However, when this isn’t an option, you can still save money through a multitude of eco-friendly ways. Electric vehicles are generally inexpensive to run as they’re tax free and can often have cheaper insurance premiums. The initial purchase cost can often be more than a petrol vehicle, however if you’re not looking for space, it costs very little to buy a scooter. Electric vehicles still can’t travel too far on a single charge making them unsuitable for roadtrip lovers, however for those living in the city looking for a commuting vehicle, electric is the way to go – urban areas can sometimes offer free charging stations, free parking areas for electric cars and even free use of bus lanes and other special vehicles lanes.

Recycle old items for money

Recycling is big business. Instead of chucking away all those unwanted possessions that you can’t sell, why not consider recycling them for cash. This is particularly worthwhile with old phones or broken laptops that can be sold for parts.

Embrace solar power

Solar power can greatly reduce living costs. On a small level, solar lights can used to illuminate your garden or front door at night without the need to use power from the house or trail cables. You can also charge up your car battery using a solar car battery charger. On a grander scale, you then have solar panels, which can be placed on your roof and used to power your whole home. Installation costs can be quite high, but after a few years you’ll make up costs and then reap the benefits of never having to pay another electricity bill again.


Home insulation can also save you money on your bills, causing you to use less gas. There are all kinds of ways to insulate your home from adding thermal wool to your loft to adding double glazing to your windows. Insulation can also up the value of a property – you could make more money if you ever want to sell your home.


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