Marginal Money Gains

by Mike on April 19, 2017

Marginal Money Gains

When you watch these shows of people placing small investments and walking away with millions it couldn’t be further from the truth. Investment is hard, and for the normal folk, with little money to invest, it is even harder. The more money you put in the more you get back. As such it is worth considering marginal gains. Little gains, inch by inch, add up to more money and also protect your personal finance because you aren’t putting lump sums into investments. There are ways to do this that won’t completely bankrupt you either. You will need to put the research into whatever investment stream you deem worthy, never go in blind. This article can give you an overview of the investments that are actually available to you out there. Choose what you think is best then go ahead.

One of the easier ways to invest is in gold. It will require you part with more than you thought, however it can be a sound investment because all you need to do is hold onto it until the gold price surges then let go again. It’s as simple as that. Wait for it to drop, pick up the gold, then sell high. You can get smaller bits of gold if you didn’t have enough for a registered amount but your best bet is to visit the United States Gold Bureau. Always ensure the gold is certified and stamped. By doing this you can be happy in your purchase and know you are getting the purest of gold that is not a cheap imitation or cut with another kind of alloy which could prove troublesome when you come to sell it down the line.

As an early investment, CD’s can be a good bet. They allow you to place a sum into a bank account for a high amount of interest. The only downside is that you can’t touch the money for a certain amount of time. If you do you lose interest so ensure you pay attention and make sure you don’t need the money you are investing. This is marginal because you can put a small amount of cash in. Remember to compare the banks too. Don’t just settle for the one you currently bank with. Find the one with the best interest rates but is still reliable.

The most marginal gain you can get is by actively finding and using coupons. By doing this you can put the saved money into a separate account. Essentially you are paying the same amount, but the money saved is being diverted. As the months go by this capital will stack up, leaving you with more money. You can find many great coupons on the internet, just be sure they are accepted in the stores before using them. You don’t want to be in the position where you are actively seeking coupons to use where you would not normally buy the product. This is spending more money than you need to. Discipline is the key.

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