How to save for your dream home

by Mike on April 27, 2017

How to save for your dream home

Buying a big purchase such as a house is an exciting prospect for many young adults. Yet, with the increase in the property market it can sometimes feel as though you will never be able to save enough for that dream home you have always fantasised about. Have a look at some of the steps to ensure you can save for that deposit on your new home you’ve always wanted

Have a plan

Nothing happens without a plan. Investing in an expensive product means lots of planning, whether it be a budget, a timeline of when you would like to purchase an item, or planning how to get through a tough financial situation whilst saving still. Writing down a plan can help you visualise your goals and allow you to brainstorm a series of steps to achieve the goal. When we work, we always have a plan on how to get through our day, or of what clients we are going to see. Investing in an expensive product is no different. Ensuring you have a plan that outlines your goal, and how you are going to achieve it promises to help you achieve your goal.

Sell items you don’t use

Selling any unwanted items through websites such as Ebay assists with making a little bit more money to put towards that house whilst decluttering the house at the same time. Although it may seem like a little amount compared to the price of a house, everything adds up and contributes towards your goal. If you have a lot of unwanted items, maybe consider holding a car boot sale or opening a market stall to get rid of all the excess. Remember, someone else’s junk is always someone else’s treasure.

Curb your spending habits

Curbing your spending habits can help with adding more money to your savings accounts. Although many people struggle with curbing their spending habits, it is not hard to stop overspending. Next time you’re out shopping and consider purchasing something, think about whether it is a necessity. If it is, then go ahead and purchase it. If not, consider putting the money aside for another product that is more pressing. If you have a job to do around the house that requires a handyman, consider whether you can do it yourself, if not see if you know anyone that can do it for you for less than if you hire someone. The money saved from do it yourself products can go towards that house you are saving for.


One of the biggest things to remember is to trust yourself and your ability to save. Often the finish line can be forgotten, and people give up on their hopes due to the lack of faith in their abilities to get there. Trusting your abilities and remembering your plan can go a long way in achieving those goals.

Although these steps may seem very simple, they will assist with achieving your goal of purchasing your home. Remember to make a plan, cut your spending and trust your ability to get there and you will soon be the king or queen of your own castle.

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