Save Money And Still Live Like Royalty

by Mike on March 16, 2017

Save Money And Still Live Like Royalty

Saving money might seem like a chore. But with these tips, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some ways to save money that could save you thousands.

Buy Clothes Out Of Season

According to Cathal Wogan from Quidco, most people want to be able to save money without having to count the pennies. One way to do it, she says, is to time your purchase of clothing. Don’t wait until the summer, she says, to buy all your summer outfits. Instead, wait until the end of the season and grab all the discounts while you can. It’s rare, she says, for the style to change dramatically from one season to the next, so whatever you buy at the end of one season will be suitable for the next. You can pick up clothes at the end of summer, and the end of winter with 40 percent-plus discounts as retailers try to get rid of stock. Shopping for clothes at the wrong time of year can take a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve nailed the habit, it works like clockwork. After you’ve bought a few items discounted from $100 to $50, you’ll have racked up quite a saving.

Stockpile When Prices Are Low

Sometimes supermarkets have some amazing promotional offers, like two for one, or 50 percent off. This is an opportunity for you to save over the long term. For some items, like fresh fruit and veg, stockpiling isn’t possible. But for other things, like tubs of peanut butter, it is. Buy up as many of the item as you think you’ll need for the foreseeable future and slowly work your way through your inventory.

The savings from this kind of shopping are large. You could buy up 100 tins of tomatoes priced at $0.50 instead of $1 and use them over the course of the year, saving yourself $50 in the process. And this is just one example. Imagine how much you could save if you paid discounted prices for many different items.

Check Quotes

These days, you don’t just have to accept the first quote you’re given by a trader. And you don’t just have to stick with price comparison websites either. Now there are online auction sites where websites will ask a whole group of traders for quotes for the work you want doing, allowing you to choose the best price. These sites cover all sorts of things, from best car transport quotes in 2017 to the lowest price car repair job in your area. Because so many traders are competing for your business, you’re bound to find one or two who are prepared to carry out the work for rock bottom prices.

Praise Companies You Love

Companies are just groups of people. And like any group of people, they love to receive praise about their products. Often, if you send a letter praising them for their amazing product or service, they’ll send you goodies back in the post as a “thank you.” The same applies if you start saying great things about their products on social media. Expect a kickback.


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