Move From The City To The Sticks With Ease

by Mike on March 7, 2017

Move From The City To The Sticks With Ease

City living can be a fantastic way of life. You have everything you could ever want right on your doorstep: late night stores, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, even your own job could be just a few minutes walk away from your home or could be a short journey away on the roads. However, city living can also become quite stressful with the city being constantly busy, leaving you with hardly any time to breathe and take in the sights of your own city; city living can also be very expensive, with the price of commodities tending to be much more expensive than that of somewhere rural, and house prices (renting and buying) can also be much more expensive than that of somewhere on the outskirts of the city – or away from the city altogether.

If you are thinking of moving away from the city for whatever reason you deem right, put some research into the place where you want to live and how it could benefit your needs. If you have lived in a city for quite some time, then it may take a bit of adjustment for you to get used to living away from a busy city. If moving away from the city, you should be prepared for longer commutes to places you need to go, stores not being a few minutes walk away and having to travel a longer time and distance to your job in the city.

If you have saved a decent amount of money, then moving away from the city and into the sticks – the peripheral area – may be a good choice. This is because house prices away from the city will be much cheaper than that of the city and you will be able to afford a much more comfortable life without feeling the need to scrimp, save and not being able to live as luxuriously as you would like. If you have saved money, and are thinking of moving away, and also want to do more with your money than just buy a house, you could contact financial professionals such as Derrick Kinney and Associates who can provide you with money advice and allow you to see clearly what you can do with your money.

Living away from the city can also provide you with a much more relaxed way of life. There will be no more stress about getting caught in the rush hour on the way back to your home, no more  having to push past crowds of people on the street to get to where you want to go, and moving away from the city can also provide you with more time to yourself to enjoy the finer things. It can also allow you to save money on aspects such as groceries. The likelihood is that you won’t have a store very close to you, and you will need to go out on, say, a weekly basis to buy groceries in bulk – allowing you to only buy the essentials without buying more expensive items that you would buy from stores in the city.

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