Easy Money-Making Methods For All Sorts

by Mike on March 13, 2017

Easy Money-Making Methods For All Sorts

If you want to get the best use of your money, it’s not enough to be a smart shopper and a budget builder. You want to find the easiest ways to make a little extra cash. We’re not talking about getting another job, but about the tricks that, depending on your situation, could see you getting a lot more for a lot less.

For the businessperson

More and more people are starting their own businesses nowadays. The online marketplace makes it a lot easier to sell your services. If you run your own business, then your taxes are probably a bit more complicated than you’re used to. Which is why it’s so very common that new business owners miss tax deductions that could help them keep more in their pocket. If you travel for meetings and pay for lunch, if you spend on preparing important documents, if you buy furniture solely for a home office, they can all be deducted from your tax.

For the spender

If you like to make money, then you probably like to make it, too. But being a smart shopper isn’t just about hoarding coupons and researching the best deals. It means getting more when you spend money, no matter what you spend it on. One of the best ways to do that is with a credit card. Compare rewards cards like Chase Sapphire vs Capital One Venture. Choosing and using the right card could see you getting as much as $500 worth of points to spend on whatever you like.

For the passionate

The internet hasn’t just opened the marketplace. It has opened communities of all kinds and many of us are going to be members of those communities. More than that, we’re going to be experts, maybe even influencers. If you have that kind of passion and reach, then you might very well have a blog. When your blog starts getting traction, then you can make money from it using affiliate marketing programs that see you getting paid for every person you link to a business. Of course, it’s best to choose the program providers who are most relevant to the kind of content you write. You might not be making huge bucks off affiliate programs, but it can be a nice little boost to your finances now and then.

For the student

The student is the one category of folk who probably need the little boost to the finances more than anyone. If you’re sick of living the stereotype of the broke student, then you can make money not outside of studying but from it. You need to be a particularly good student to really capitalize on the services that will buy and sell the notes you take during your course. But if you make good, detailed notes, they can be a resource used often, which means you get more money for them.


There’s no such thing as free money, but there are ways to take advantage of what you already do. Whether you run a business, like to spend, share your passions online, or study hard, there could be a way to get a bit extra from it.

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