It’s Time To Stop Letting Debt Hold You Back

by Mike on February 24, 2017

It’s Time To Stop Letting Debt Hold You Back

There is a lot of things to worry about in life, but the main one is slipping into debt. The financial and social implications of living a life burdened by debt are not worth thinking about. That is until it becomes your reality. Millions of people around the world have to deal with the issue and you could be next. It only takes one mistake to spiral out of control, and before you know it, you are out of the black and into the red. But just because you happen to be in debt, does it mean it should hold you back? The answer is no. Debt isn’t nice and it will affect your life in a lot of ways, but it doesn’t have to hold you back and stop you from living your life. Here’s how you can still function normally even if your finances aren’t great.

Strike A Deal

If you just accept your situation you have a good chance of letting debt consume your life. Okay, you don’t have much leverage or the upper hand in any negotiations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate. As it happens creditors are open to negotiating terms because it means they have a better chance of getting their money back. Your creditors would have dealt with people where they lost everything and won’t want to take the risk again. Nowadays a person can file for bankruptcy, wipe the slate clean, and not have to pay a penny if they’re not personally liable. The creditors know that they are better off getting some money back than no money which is why they will strike a good deal. Try and make the repayments as minimal as possible as you will have more money for other things.

Pay The Minimum

Far too many people throw a lot of money at their debt and it makes no sense. Whether you pay off your debt in five years or ten years is arbitrary because your life doesn’t change. You can still do everything you could before but now you can say you are debt free. Congratulations, but the reality is you have wasted a chunk of your life battling debt just for an anecdote. Paying the minimum might seem restricting but it gives you more freedom. You can do what you want when you want to do it as long as you stick to the payment structure.

Find Alternative Credit Lines

The obvious solution is to find more money, and it is possible if you know the right people. All the banks will say they can’t lend you money because of your credit score but there is always a bad credit loan. Of course, you have to be vigilant when you take out one of these loans because the interest rates are high. But if you can find one that suits your situation you will have more money at your disposal. The usual sticking point is finding the right loan but can help. Unbiased sites like these are great for pointing out the best deals and giving you all the pros and cons.

Repair Your Credit Score

A bad credit loan might not sound appealing even if it is your only option. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be your only option if you repair your credit score. Whether you didn’t know you could repair your score or you are too lazy, it is an easy and simple procedure. The trick is to organise your finances so that you start paying off your debts and you don’t miss any more payments. Does that sound like too much hassle? If it does you can use to help you find a company that will do all of the hard work. They will charge a fee but sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate. Yes even when you are in debt you need to take risks.

Take Risks

Taking risks like a childish and irresponsible way to deal with your debts but it is neither. The truth is that taking a risk or two is a great way to deal with any debt you have because the rewards are massive. ‘But what about the risks?’ is what most people think, and for good reason. The thing is the risks are already negated by the fact you are in debt. All that will happen is that you will add a little more to your already existing debt and you can pay that off in the future. If the gamble comes in you might be able to pay it all off in one lump sum payment. Everyone experiences debt at some point in their lives so it would be stupid to avoid risks as your life would become monotonous.

 Forget About Retirement

Retirement isn’t so much a myth but more of a pipedream. Sure it would be nice to retire to an island with millions in the bank and live the rest of your life on the beach. The probability of it happening is quite low, however. The odds are that you will retire with enough to live on and stay in the same town or city. Is that scenario worth it to pay off all of your debts? The alternative is to continue working and paying off your debts as you go. It might sound bad now but wait until you have to retire. Working gives your life structure and meaning. Most people work even when they are at retirement age so you aren’t likely to retire fully for a long time. You can still work part time, slow down and enjoy semi-retirement, which isn’t a bad idea.

Be Happy

Your happiness does affect the way you deal with debt, which affects the way you live your life. It sounds corny but a positive mental attitude goes a long way to setting you free. Not only will give you perspective with regards to your debt but it will also seep into other areas of your life.

Debt can feel restricting yet it doesn’t have to be if you know how to tackle it head on.

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