Curbing Your Online Spending

by Mike on February 4, 2017

Curbing Your Online Spending

For a great many of us, the internet is the prime place to shop. In fact, you can buy everything from your groceries to your clothes and major purchase like laptops and computers via the internet. While it is a source of savings for many people, spending online can also be a little dangerous, as it is so instant. So if you are having some trouble with you online spending check out the tips below, which can help you to curb it.


Delete your credit card information from your favorite stores

This is a major way of saving some money on your online spending. Identify the top five stores that you spend the most in, and remove your credit, or debit card details from your accounts. That means not only will you have to sign in to make a purchase. You will have to go all the way upstairs to get your credit card as well, and then re-enter all of your details.

This added bit of time can be enough of a gap to allow to assess whether you really need that item or not, so giving you a better chance of avoiding impulse and convenience buys.

Close your catalog accounts

In a similar vein, another way of curbing your online spending is to delete any catalog apps and close your accounts.

Shopping with catalogs can sometimes seem like free money because you know that you can just pop it on your account and worry about it later.

Unfortunately, you will be worrying about it later because most catalogs charge a fortune in interest. So not only are you paying the price of the item but you also have to pay for the pleasure of getting it on credit as well. Combine this with the instant access the internet gives you, and you can really land yourself in some hot water!

Only shop when you have a discount code

Another clever way of curbing your internet spending is to only buy an item, if you have discount count code for it. You can get vouchers for popular stores, like this Amazon discount code on the internet, and when you use them, a total percentage is taken off the cost of your purchase.

That means if there is something that you simply must have, you can buy it without spending as much. So your savings won’t be so depleted at the end of the month, because of your online shopping.

Return your returns

A lot of people end up spending way more than they need to when shopping online. As they order a few things to compare and then don’t send the ones they don’t actually want, back!

Platforms like Ebay are full of items like these. Which is great if you are the customer looking for a bargain. But not so great of you are a seller, as you will hardly ever get the full amount that they are worth reselling them in this way.

You also need to make sure that you send back your returns on time because otherwise, you will get a late fine. That means you are paying out money for products that you aren’t even keeping! So whatever you do, make sure that you return those returns in a timely manner.

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