Affording Your Dream Wedding

by Mike on February 11, 2017

Affording Your Dream Wedding

We all know that getting married is expensive. Sure, you could settle for a handful of guests and a cheap registry office if that’s what makes you happy, but many of us have more extravagant plans. Such plans can requires funds that we don’t have, but that shouldn’t mean having to make sacrifices. It’s your special day and there are ways that you can afford it without sacrificing the dream details.

Save up or take out a loan

If you can’t afford it right now, postpone the date and start a saving plan or take out a loan and pay for it after. When saving up, make cutbacks to your lifestyle and set up a special account for pouring a set amount of money into each month. Do not touch this account, unless it’s for wedding expenses. When taking out a loan, make sure it’s affordable plan and that the interest isn’t going to be astronomical. There are many places that you can find loans – always read terms and conditions (as well as reviews) to ensure that you’re not ripped off (here is an example of a review:

Time it right

Many choose a summer wedding because of the sun. However, the demand often makes this period of the year more expensive. Get married at the very end of the off-season and you may still get sun and a good price. Also make sure it’s a weekday – weekends are always more expensive.

Combine venues

If you’re not religious and don’t want a wedding in a place of worship, why not combine your ceremony venue with the reception venue and have it all under one roof. It will make the whole thing a lot cheaper, as well as cutting out the need to organise extra travel. Making the venue a hotel could also provide accommodation for your guests at discount prices.

Use your network

Think about all the people that you and your partner know and see if you could cut costs on any of the services. For example, you may know a photographer that can handle your wedding photos at a discount price, someone good at baking that can provide a cheap cake, an uncle with DJ experience and florist that can provide flowers.

Go second hand

Everything from wedding dresses to decorations can be bought second-hand for cheaper. In most cases it will still be top quality stuff – dressed will all be washed and pressed first. Sites such as Bride2Bride are perfect for such items. Look here before buying brand new at a shop – you’ll be surprised by the quality.

Get selling after the wedding

By the same token, everything you don’t need to hang onto after the wedding can be sold to make extra cash. This could include decorations and unwanted gifts (still thank your guests for these presents though). Many will keep their dress as a keepsake, but ask yourself this – are you really ever going to look at it again? Most people keep it bagged up in their wardrobe on a hangar gathering dust. Use photos as beautiful memories and cut down on the wedding clutter.

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