Playing The Long-Game With Your Money Is The Only Way To Really Win

by Mike on October 26, 2016

Playing The Long-Game With Your Money Is The Only Way To Really Win

We are all creatures of habit and laziness. We want to find those few tips that we can rely on to coast us through just about any task. Call it efficiency or working smart if you like. It’s all about expending less effort for better results. When it comes to money, however, the shortcuts don’t work. Instead, you want to focus on the long game. Because, when it’s all said and done, that’s the only way you manage to keep more money.

Having a real plan

We all know that we need to put savings aside to build on our fortune. The sad fact is that many of us don’t put enough effort into actually taking that step. Instead, we’ll have our eye caught by something we want, trivial or expensive. We’ll not pay enough attention to our bills and debts. One way or the other, our money will vanish before we notice it. Which is why you need to prepare a proper budget. This will help you manage your money and make sure you actually have some left over.

Knowing the risks

Preparing for the future isn’t just about paving the road to a bright and shiny future. It’s about being fully understanding that life has ups and downs. Some of those uglier downs are going to drag your finances into the mix. So it’s about having the right mix of plans and contacts to deal with those downs. For instance, knowing what insurance you need to have. Or knowing who to call if you get into a car accident. In accidents and emergencies, good financial sense is about acting as promptly as you can with the right advice.

Securing your future

Now to get to the real meat of the matter. You want to put those savings you’re putting aside towards more than just preparing for risk. You want to ensure you actually have something left over for the future. In particular, you will need to put something aside for when you are no longer able to work. With how far the working age is increasing, people need to rely more and more on their own arrangements for 401K plans. The earlier you get started, the more smoothly you can prepare for retirement.

Building your wealth

In the meantime, you need to think about how you’re using your money. Rather, how you’re growing it. Instead of relying on short or medium term savings, it’s a lot more profitable to start learning about investing. Investing sees better returns than saving in just about any comparison. Yet the reason more people aren’t doing it is precisely because it requires some learning. But again, it’s about playing the long-game. While you’re saving, try out some demo accounts on things like forex and binary options. Build your knowledge safely before starting to put real money in. Investing doesn’t have to be as hard as everyone imagines.


The more you prepare for the future, the better your chances at truly winning with your finances. Don’t take any chances of shortcuts that aren’t going to get you anywhere.

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