Revamping Your Home Instead Of Moving

by Mike on October 7, 2014

Revamping Your Home Instead Of Moving

If you’re thinking of moving just to escape how unhappy you are with the four walls you’re living in it’s worth taking a deep breath, stepping back from the situation and trying to reason with yourself. If you like the area and your home is the right size, the chances are a lot of your frustration can fixed quite simply with some changes that are much more affordable!

If your only problem is you can’t afford to make the changes you want what options are available to you? Well seeing as you’re now staying put after you have read this you could research taking out a secured homeowner loan from the likes of NemoLoans. A Nemo Loan is secured on your home/residence (as most secured loans are but please only consider this as an option if you can afford the monthly repayments. Don’t ever jump into a loan of any kind without reading the fine print and understanding your commitment.

So that covered where to start with your home revamp and improvements? We’ve put together a mini agenda of points you should address, prioritizing them according to how much they’ll cost you and how big the job is.

1 – Internal Walls, Windows and Doors

If you’re dreaming of an open plan kitchen by getting rid of that separating wall, or if you despise the windows in your home, then you’ll want to start with those. Dealing with the big issues first might seem daunting, but it’s best to tackle the situation head on. It’s true that you might feel as though you’re living on a building site for a while and you will have to begin the process of finding a trades person who can help for the right price but try to see past that by focusing on your vision for the perfect interior. Distract yourself with a few home décor Pinterest boards and the time will fly and within no time you will have a new feeling home.

 2 – Old Flooring and Furniture

Second on your list of priorities (and often the easiest) once the building changes have been completed should be any other large scale projects like floors and furniture. Whilst these aspects of your home aren’t particularly time intensive to change compared to major construction the financial cost can still be intimidating.That feel or smell of a new carpet or flooring along with a few new pieces of furniture can often be that clincher in making your home feel new. And the cost of a new carpet lay is still significantly cheaper than the stamp duty or legal fees spent on a new home let alone the moving costs. I am sure you all know someone who told you a new coat of paint and some new carpet can add thousands to the value of your home. The same applies at this stage in making your old home a new one. So avoid scrimping and saving at this stage to build the right foundations for your “non move”.

 3 – The Finishing Touches

Now for the fun part that most of us enjoy. The last changes that should have been on your list of priorities (but if your being honest has been lurking at the back of your mind the whole time) are the finishing touches. Rugs, artwork, cushions, throws and candles all help to make your home feel cosy and stylish and label it as your own. This phase is almost the reward after all the hard work is over and you’ve tackled structural work and the foundations. Now take the time to log back in to Pinterest and make your mood boards come to life and find more inspiration for the last finishing touches!

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