My 7 easy ways you can clinch that sale

by Mike on June 24, 2014

My 7 easy ways you can clinch that sale

When was the last time you hit a jackpot when it comes to meeting your sales quota?  Can such a thing ever happen in relation to sales and selling? Working in the sales industry right now is not only about selling an amazing product but how you reach out to your potential clients and how you interact with them. Having worked in sales in the last few years I can relate to sales people and the pressures of doing that job. About how you may be selling something amazing and revolutionary but if you don’t know how to market it or have the right sales pitch then your results can be less than satisfactory and how this affects your pay cheque.

When it comes to sales the bottom line is always how you deliver the goods or the services to your target people and how many goals you kick.

So how can you get more sales when the industry is so competitive right now?

Here are my 7 easy ways to clinch your next sale:

Focus on who you’re selling to and not on what you are selling.

You are in a people business where nothing is just business to them but quite personal. You are asking for your clients to pay you as a representative of who you work for. Which means you have to show them that to give you the sale is for their own good and not yours and that its the right decision. Keep them engaged by showing them that it is all about them and how the product you are offering will help them and make their lives easy or better.

Ask questions and get to know them.

Questions allow you to know what they need or want and how to offer it to them. What problems do you clients need you to solve? Are they putting a lot of value on quality or would they rather spend less?  Knowing their interests, their lifestyle and what they want the most will give you an insight on how to market your product and close that sale.

Be flexible and alert.

You will be facing countless people who are unique from each other especially when it comes to preferences and personality. There is no single sales strategy that will work for all of them so learn to adapt on the fly and use the questions you ask above to work to their desires. Take a note of what strategy works for different kinds of people and learn to ask lots of questions to identify what type of client you may be talking to.

Listen and listen well.

Listening to your clients and empathizing with them always work because it builds a sense of familiarity which later can turn to trust. This is all about building rapport and empathy. You would be amazed how many sales people dont listen and pay attention. And believe me when I say that the client will know when you’re faking it.

Be friends with technology.

Change can never be avoided so you might as well learn how to deal with it. A study done for consumer behaviors in new car buyers show that 56% of car owners used a manufacturer’s website when researching for their car purchase.  You have to be up to date and understanding that if your client knows more about the product than you do what do they need you for? Don’t be the sales person in your organization who shy’s away from new products. Be the one who adapts the fastest!.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Walking up to someone you dont know with the intent to sell them something can be the most daunting task. Make it fun and enjoy being uncomfortable. Learn its a numbers game to talk to enough people to make the sales you need. Most important of all is that if your feeling comfortable and perhaps even enjoying yourself the client will learn to trust you faster.

Show your confidence inside and out.

As with all my previous tips if your feeling armed, confident and knowledgeable it will show to the client. If you have faith in yourself, your product and who you work for your clients will learn to trust you and understand that they are buying the right product for them from the right person. I know its not easy to do all of the above but it helps if you can keep it in mind.


I wasn’t the best at sales in my department when I did the job but I certainly learned to listen, ask questions and relate to the client. It was a constant learning curve and this skill allowing me to sell has stayed with me into small business as well. I also find it amazing how many sales people I deal with now miss the simple things like my 7 tips!


Know something I missed with my sales tips? Know a friend who would use my tips on clinching the sale? Leave us a comment and dont forget sharing is caring!



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