How much does supporting your Team cost you financially?

by Mike on June 5, 2014

How much does supporting your Team cost you financially?

Sports have always brought excitement and entertainment to individuals around the world and the state of origin here in Australia is no different. I was watching the highlights from it last week when it occurred to me I was seeing marketing, mindset and finances all in action. There would of been 70,000 people in that stadium who paid a premium to attend let alone the value of all the merchandising they were wearing. So it got me pondering the financial cost of being a sports fan and how much does supporting your team cost you financially? Have you considered this?

How much are you spending to support your team?

Not only do sporting events trigger the adrenaline within us even if we are merely spectators but rooting for our local sports team fosters a very strong sense of unity and loyalty.  Is it no wonder some sports fans will go to great heights in spending to support their team.  But is being a sports fanatic costing you enough to impact your financial status? As much excitement as we get in cheering for our teams at home, it is incomparable to jumping up and down while watching the game live.  Add to that most of us will even go to the extent of buying collectibles and merchandise of our fave teams to show everyone where our loyalties lie.  From a small amount to  several hundred of dollars of sporting goods let us take a quick look at how much being a fan can cost

Game Tickets

Every die-hard sport fan has dreams to see a live event at least once in their lives especially one of the big events. But ticket costs for the big events don’t come cheap.  A regular AFL game (Australian football) ticket can cost between $25 and $60 but when it comes to the finals, it can go up to around $150 to $399 like last year.  This doesn’t include box or premium seating but are relatively inexpensive compared to NFL Superbowl tickets which cost around $1500 per seat. I would imagine this is even sitting in the “nose bleed” section way up high.

Food and Transportation

When you attend or watch a game you don’t just pay for the tickets.  You also pay for your food and transportation most of which can be quite marked up compared to everyday pricing. A fan cost index report released December of last year for the 2013 NBA Season shows that an average amount a single person spends on food (Hotdog + Soft drinks) is $9.45 and $16.81 for Parking. Here in Australian parking can range up to $50 to leave your vehicle nearby assuming there is even parking available. Some of our stadiums provide no parking at all (although I guess this would help keep the cost down).

Clothing Merchandise

Wearing your team’s colors will definitely make you proud and give you a sense of being truly part of it.  But it’s something that you can’t purchase in thrift shops or in used clothing stores.  Say you’re big AFL fan and want to purchase some clothing merchandise to show your support.  Based on the official AFL online shop, available goods are priced at:

  • Men’s Training Tshirt = $80
  • Walk shorts = $55
  • Cap = $20 – $60
  • Hoodie/Jacket = $70 – $120
  • Scarf = $25You could try shopping online and risk non genuine products to save some money but you can get the idea how much your going to spend to show your enthusiasm for your team. For the big games or regional matches you see some sports stores offering team jerseys for $179 alone.
    As a comparison of cost of living in Australia that is approximately my phone, net and land line bill for a full month. Or my grocery bill for approximately a 1.5 weeks!

Souvenirs and Other Items/Expenses

Last but not least following all the latest news and gossip about your team can drive up your spend with magazine subscriptions, newsletters or even your time to follow the team website. Take into account internet/cable bills and even buying mascots for the kids, team stickers for the cars and the souvenir and other items spends is starting to outstrip what you may have spent on your team clothing!


Have you considered what you spend on your team now?

The best part of this merchandising and cash flow enterprise known as sport is that every team changes their uniform slightly, more new merchandise is released for the new season and every year we all keep putting our hands in our pockets to pay for this.

Do you consider the marketing and business that goes on behind the scenes and relies on us the supporter to not consider the implications of our spending?


Know a passionate team supporter who spends unwisely on their merchandise? Know someone about to spend on their favorite team? Leave us a comment and dont forget to share so they can think before they spend and support their local team.


***Photo thanks to Michael Coghlan***

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