Are Your Paper Books Costing You More than eBooks?

by Mike on June 18, 2014

financial advantages of ebooks over paper books

Reading for most of us is a very delightful and beneficial pass time.  I have 16 shelves of books, both hard covered and paperbacks,  in my room and I remember reading them for years.  The stories, the lessons learned and the imaginary world I created every time I read them not only keep me entertained for hours but also helped me gain knowledge.

These past couple of years though, I noticed dust gathering around those books.  With my schedule getting more hectic and going from one place to another, I find it a bit inconvenient to bring a book, especially the bulky hard cover type ones, and read when time permits.  I have continued my hobby but only this time I read eBooks.  And this is not just happening to me.  According to a survey by Pew Research in 2012; there is an increase upwards of 6% of people who are reading eBooks and a decline downwards of 5% for those who read traditional paper books.  And that was two years ago when handheld devices and eBook readers were not as popular as today.  Some factors are being discussed on the rise of eBook readership but despite this, traditional books still retain a large portion of the consumer book market.

So are there are any financial advantages of eBooks over paper books?

eBooks save trees which helps the environment.

Trees are needed to manufacture paper and old books are filling up landfills.  Removing copious trees to create books increases our carbon footprint, harms the environment and may result in pollution and other environmental problems.  Are you reading those books once and tossing them into landfill or to decay in bookshelves like mine?

eBooks saves space.

When you want to read an eBook you can select from a line of available eBook readers right now like Kindle, Nook and Kobo Glo.  You can even use your mobile phones or tablets and just download an eBook reader app which most of the time comes for free.  Once you have the gadget, then you can download as many eBooks you want without finding the need to find shelves for them. Low impact and ease of reading.

eBooks are flexible and user-friendly.

How many times have you hurt your eyes reading small text on paper books?  Do you worry you will be told you you’ll be wearing glasses if you read for hours?  Well say goodbye to those, because with eBooks you can adjust the font, the light settings and even create a back-light so there is no need to strain your eyes.

ebooks versus paper books costeBooks are cheaper than paper books most of the time.

Let’s take a look at the eBooks versus paper books cost for the Harry Potter series that sold over 100 million copies.  When you purchase the hardcover series, it will be for $110 while the Kindle version is for $57.54. A big price difference for the same content!  eBooks being made in a digital format which doesn’t cost as much to get to the client as printing a book on paper.  Sometimes you can even get free downloads for older favorite titles.

eBooks are evolving as technology is changing.

The great thing about technology is that you can expect things to become easier and more accessible. Anyone remember the internet about 10 years ago? Ever imagine back then what you could do with the internet now? That means you can do things faster, with more convenience and with less resources and this includes books.

We can see that eBooks can be more financially favorable but don’t forget why traditional books still live despite countless changes for decades.  The smell of the paper, the feel of the pages when you turn them and the intricate cover details (especially with the older ones) are just some of the features that you can’t ever experience with eBooks.

On top of that, paper books can become collections that you can sell in the future if you have the right books. Or like my collection it can gather dust. Personally Ive tried and not had a great success selling anything of what I have collected! Maybe I just have a weird taste in books!


So if you are an avid reader what do you think would be the most favorable way for you to indulge in your hobby?  Would you want the traditional books or would you start downloading eBooks? Do you feel the old book store is dead like me? Leave us a comment and dont forget sharing is caring!


***Photos thanks to Wikimedia Commons and Joanna Penn of Flickr***

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