The top 5 reasons not to buy Travel Insurance.

by Mike on April 15, 2014

The top 5 reasons not to buy Travel Insurance.

Traveling overseas is a costly financial spend at the best of times and if your anything like me you usually try and argue out whether the costs of the Travel Insurance are worth it financially or something you can live without. Planning out a grand vacation to one of Hawaii’s beautiful beaches conjures images of soft and sandy shores, crystal blue water and refreshing drinks but very rarely do you consider Travel Insurance at the planning stage. Its normally when the travel agent asks which travel insurance you require at which point you realize you haven’t shopped and around and haven’t even considered if indeed you need insurance or how much coverage. Falling prey at this point to the sales pitch and ease of supply by the travel agent (like me) 9 times out of 10 you will simply go with their package and pay a premium.

So today I have my top 5 reasons to re think travel insurance and why you might avoid travel insurance before your next big trip:

Initial cost and chances

Lets face it if you budgeted $100 for travel insurance (if you budgeted at all I always forget!) than you can almost guarantee it will end up costing you more. If you didn’t budget than this is money out of your pocket you could of spent on holidays. If your like me perhaps you like to gamble about whether something may go wrong and keep those extra dollars for the trip. Or you may assume the travel agent is trying to scare you into an add on sale to their commissions. Do you know anyone who has been hurt on a holiday from your group of friends? My sneaking suspicion is the odds are exceedingly in your favor your holiday will be perfect!

Cancelled Flights

Whether you like it or not, more than 12,000 flights have been cancelled just last week but its generally within the airlines best interests to offer you alternatives, a re booking or indeed a full refund. Worst case if your in a different country it can be a PR nightmare for them not to look after you. How often have you seen scathing comments on social media which have gone viral and caused enormous headaches for airlines? Travel insurance can and will cover for the cancellation but if your overseas at an odd time with no communication this isn’t going to help much and your still going to wander around looking lost and dazed. How does travel insurance help then?

Lost baggage

It took you weeks to pick, shop and arrange your wardrobe in your best luggage sets only for it to get lost in a stream of other passengers’ luggage. Whether its stolen or misplaced by those awesome baggage handlers at the very “best” you might be able to call and replace some items in whatever store you can find nearby. Is that even going to come close while your away or could this just be an opportunity to spend some of your hard earned holiday money to buy the items you did plan to buy when away? You may get something back from the travel insurance company when you get home but when you are travelling with lots of baggage you can’t expect to get a refund big enough to cover half of what you lost. How useful is travel insurance now?

Health Problems

Getting hurt or becoming sick while overseas is hardly a great result for your planned travel. If your simply sick chances are you going to hunker down in your room close to amenities and pray it passes. The chances of major injury while on most holidays are fairly small to the point where once again is travel insurance needed? Sure if your going on holiday to go sky diving or other related adventure sports you should consider insurance but for most of us traveling a couple of hours in a plane to a nice warm destination do I need that insurance?

The Fine Print

Speaking from personal experience I can tell you know its always the fine print with insurance that will get you. I had to claim just once during one of dozens of holidays I have been on and the insurance company wiped their hands of my problem saying it wasn’t serious enough.  I also made the decision to head home early to seek treatment and they also claimed I wasn’t allowed to do this and therefore wasn’t eligible for compensation!!

Have you read the fine print on your travel insurance and know exactly what your covered for and what to do or is your insurance provider simply going to react the same way mine did. “Not our problem”

So whats your thoughts on Travel Insurance

Have you ever weighed up your options regarding travel insurance or have you blindly gone with what the travel agent has advised you? Having traveled quite a bit I can tell you know I am beginning more and more to question buying travel insurance and hope today’s posts help you next time your booking your next trip.

Know someone about to travel? Took the insurance and regret it? Leave us a comment and dont forget sharing is caring!

***Photo thanks to Danie Lurie***

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