Can your Business Benefit from Amex?

by Mike on March 14, 2014

Can your business benefit from Amex

Managing your own business has a lot of challenges especially when it comes to finances.  From the things you need when you start building it up to the daily expenses you have to pay for to make your business run properly.  If your not careful at the beginning you can end up spending more than your small business can earn. This is why many businesses go bankrupt in their first few years.  If you want some of the advantages other businesses have and you want your business to thrive in this competitive world your going to have to consider credit as an option in finding financial resources.

One very popular choice that business owners start with is their own business credit card.  American Express being one of the most commonly offered has a wide-array of credit cards that are not only for personal use but also suitable for small to medium-size businesses.  These business cards allow more flexibility when it comes to financing your operations as well as making sure you have something when an important matter comes up in case you don’t have any cash sitting around.

How can your business benefit from Amex?

We all know how helpful a credit card is when you go low on funds.  This also holds true for business owners who have their very own credit cards.  Not only does a business card make managing finances and expenses a lot more easily but if you choose the right card there are also plenty of benefits available. Here are some essential benefits you can get when you decide to apply for one:

Purchasing power.        

The demands of a business owner can vary greatly in a short period of time.  When the business develops, the expenses also increase.  Having a business card that can grow with your needs can give you the control to make better and high-quality options.  This also gives you a sense of security and confidence that will help you avoid getting stressed over financial matters.

Travel expenses.

 Most would agree that traveling is a part of running a business especially if you are planning to expand beyond your local area.  You travel to meet new clients, to attend seminars and even to do feasibility studies for your market.  Since you will most likely be going to places miles from where your business is located, it can be easier to book tickets, flights or pay for your travel using a business card.  You can also book online and pay right away and avoid those last minute worries when a client would suddenly set up a meeting. Now you have the ability to book your travel anywhere you may be.  Not to forget that Amex offers travel accident insurance and more points that you can redeem in the future.

Can you business benefit from AmexAdvertise and promote.

Your business will never get enough attention if you don’t find ways to reach out to clients.  The presence of your business identity in the niche you chose will only happen if they know it exists.  With the Amex business card you can have the benefit of exploring new advertising schemes and promotion strategies.  On top of that, you can now get twice the points on your card on selected media/organizations.

Stay organized and updated.

Amex understands how running a business can take up almost all of your time so they are offering online business tools that can assist you in keeping tabs with your financial activities.  You can even do it right at home since it is online (saving you the commute or allowing you to do it after hours).  You can check your account statements, get account alerts when you are about to reach your set limit and even match and store images of your Business Card receipts to your online statement.  This will of course make organizing and streamlining your expenses faster and with more convenience.


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