Can I Save Money by Buying a Gym or Joining One?

by Mike on March 24, 2014

Can I Save Money by Buying a Gym or Joining One?

Taking care of our health and making sure our bodies are at their best is never going to be free but with a little bit of work you can try and make this as cost effective as possible. No matter what form of exercise we use you need to invest on it in terms of money, time and add a whole lot of patience and determination.

With people now more concerned with their fitness and their well being you should take time to sit down and start planning how to invest in your health and work out the most beneficial way for you to achieve your fitness and financial goals. Given some thought and perhaps with our help you can explore several options and come up with one that will be suitable for your budget and finances.

Gym membership cost versus buying your own equipment

We all know going to the gym is one of the options in making sure that your body gets a workout and the money spent advertising by the various gyms constantly reminds us of this.  But the private fitness market has developed over the years that looking for gym equipment is no longer difficult and shopping online can be your friend.  A lot of individuals have built their own fitness systems right within their homes space allowing. This may be a better alternative for you compared to the gym.  Before making any decisions though, remember that staying fit is not a month-long hobby but a long term financial and lifestyle dedication.  Hence you must take your financial capability, your needs and your goals into consideration.

How much can I save money by buying a Gym or joining one?

Startup fees. 

Gym memberships don’t come cheap if you want to choose premium services and dont forget those gym fees add up over the course of a year or two.  But often with the competition in the fitness industry they do have packages that can help you save money. Try looking at getting an annual membership over a quarterly one or even getting a discount when you enroll with a friend. Shop around for a deal and dont forget to ask your friends where they train or have gotten a good deal training in the past.

For home gyms it can definitely be more expensive since you have to purchase your own equipment at the start. You still can save though by looking around for used exercise machines that are being sold at a lower price. Versus how long will you keep your home equipment for?

Additional expenses.

When you join a gym, make sure to pick one that is easily accessible.  Traveling means you need to pay for transportation or your gas.  It would be better if it is just within walking distance and you can even use the walk to and fro as a warmup/warm down.

If you train at home with your own gear then there is no need for any transport expenses.  But you may need to spend a little more on materials to make your home suitable for your gym equipment.  Think about floor mats, fans, lighting and even cleaning your own equipment /room which can result to additional power consumption.

Getting value for your money.

Should I buy a gym or join oneGym memberships in the UK area can cost an average of £368 annually.  If you purchase your own equipment, you may spend almost twice as much for total body strength workout equipment which can be around $700-$800 in Amazon.  In the long run you have to look at the bigger picture and consider things like how long are you planning to work out?  If you plan to do it for the next couple of years then creating your own gym at home is often cheaper since you only have to pay for the equipment one time and you can even sell it in the future to recoup some of your setup expenses.

But take for example you want not only strength training but also desire an all-around fitness routine which requires more equipment or a personal trainer then maybe going to the gym will save you rather than buying all the equipment yourself.

Some health funds consider your training as a benefit and can often help pay for some of the equipment or even offer a reduction in fees if you take up gym membership. Consider checking with them to see if you can gain any savings here.

Last but not least with any investment that you may want to get consider the terms and the exit strategy. How long do you plan to maintain this level of exercise realistically? Compare all the possible expenses and take into consideration your needs, your limitations and what you want to achieve.  Never forget that the real savings you acquire is not really about the actual money you save but rather the most value or return you may get for a specific amount.


Training at the gym and wish you had bought your own gear? Considering which way to go? Leave us a comment and remember sharing is caring!


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