Can Gamers Save Money?

by Mike on March 11, 2014

Can gamers save money?

Some might think that playing online games is a waste of time and productivity but have you ever considered if gaming could be one of those little secrets in saving money staying home? Whilst you are sitting for hours in front of your computers and pushing the keys like our lives depend on it we aren’t spending money and we aren’t occurring any travel costs. So can gaming be cheap and can gamers save money? How much does gaming cost you compared to leaving the house and spending money? Lets take a look closely at the bigger picture and see if gamers might possibly be doing better than most of us when it comes to finding ways to save.

So how much does gaming cost?

Just like any hobbies, you have to invest in it to take advantage of its full potential and to have a good gaming experience.  If you want to play online games you need a PC or a laptop that has the right specifications to meet gaming needs. That video card you felt was good enough before may not be fast enough for the latest online title. In addition you can spend money on computer accessories like headset, mouse, keyboards or a monitor that will enable your games to come to life. Your average gaming PC should ring in around $1200-$2000 dollars depending on where you live and what currency you might shop with. On top of that you need to pay for a quick internet service and last but not least the game of your choice. But once your past the initial setup costs then the next six to twelve months is going to be relatively cost free. You most likely wont need to spend more unless of course you want every new game that comes out of the market. No transport costs, no expensive “on the run” costs. So Cheap or not?

Can depend on what you get in return.

So can gamers save money?

An average gamer typically spends at least 11 hours a week playing video games while those who are considered a hard-core PC Gamer may well turn the time they spend playing into a Lifestyle. So how can you save money while being engaged in your online realities and have you considered where you are spending money?

No transportation expenses

Of course when you are at home, no need to go out and pay for transportation services.  As of 2012 an average person spends $142 per week on Transport alone.  If you only go out half as less frequent then you could save around $70/wk.  This also stays true to those who have their own rides because they will not spend as much on gas and service maintenance if they seldom go out.

No tickets to buy or entrance fees to pay

Online gaming is a form of recreation. Unlike other pastime like going to cinemas, hanging out with friends, watching live ball games you tend to pay for tickets, entrances and other stuff just to enjoy them and have to pay everytime!

Betting happens but not enough to burn a hole on your pocket

What can make games more exciting is the betting side of it.  When you bet on horse races or go to casino you don’t bet with just a couple of bucks and the risk versus reward can have you commit further than may be safe. .  With online gaming betting seldom happens if your just playing “gamer” type games. Please note we aren’t talking online casinos here. I am a gamer and that’s not what we play!

Won’t be tempted to shop

Another way of saving money staying home is that you won’t be tempted to go to the mall or pass by a shop with all the enticing signs on them.  Sometimes you can feel the impulse to buy things on sale thinking you are saving but truth is, if it is not part of your budget or something you need, then it will be an additional expense on your part that you hadn’t planned or budgeted for.

saving money staying home Save on dining out

When you are outside you tend to eat out when hungry.  That would mean additional expenses since you will spend around $10-$20 for a decent meal in an inexpensive restaurant.   When you stay home, you can cook for yourself or better yet if you grow your own food, then with these low costs your definitely saving money staying home!

Repeat Use

Sure you needed to invest in some hardware (which may be tax deductible) but once you are setup your return on time versus investment is quite high. You can literally spend thousands of hours playing from a $2000 investment. Work out how much that is per hour against other hobby’s or past times.

Possible income source

With online gaming, you not only have a way to save from external costs but you can actually use the hobby to become a potential source of income.  We are not talking about winning on bets but rather the growing industry of gaming.  You can become a game tester, a game commenter, make online gaming videos or even become a programmer especially if you’re passion is online gaming. Many people now make money from YouTube simply broadcasting their gaming feats! Sure its not a great deal but making money from your hobby? Who can complain.

So how Much does gaming cost and can Gamers save money?

When you consider all the points here, you can actually see a casual gamer might save almost half of their daily expenses by staying at home. Their is an initial setup but the return on play time is immense! Name one other hobby you can spend thousands of hours on for a few thousand dollars?


Are you a gamer like me? Are you saving money staying home? Got a gamer friend or an opinion? Leave us a comment and dont forget sharing is caring!


***Photos thanks to R Pollard and G Knight of Flickr***

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