How to make FREE online money!

by Mike on December 19, 2013

How to make FREE online money

In the second part of our ways to make money today we present some unique ways to make FREE money online! There are loads of myths about people making FREE online money – however it is possible. Some opportunities pay more per hour than others (though these tend to require a little more effort). However, lots of them are also a great deal of fun – and a little extra cash never goes a miss especially at this time of the year.

Online Surveys

There are loads of online companies that offer people the chance to earn money (in the form of vouchers) simply for filling out surveys. Tesco Clubcard members can fill out surveys called “Shopper Thoughts” and receive extra Clubcard Vouchers which can help you pay for your shopping or alternatively be turned into money-off vouchers for well-known restaurants such as Bella Pasta or major tourist attractions like Alton Towers or Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Other survey companies include Valued Opinions and Toluna where you can collect points by filling in surveys on a variety of subjects. These points can then be turned into vouchers for high-street retailers such as Argos or online companies like Amazon.

Free Online Bingo Money

If there’s one area of online gaming that is really ripe for making free money online – then it’s online bingo, as many online bingo companies are offering new customers ‘free money’ to play bingo with just for becoming a member. You can then use this money to play for big-cash prizes and even jackpots. The free bingo money doesn’t stop there though as after that initial welcome offer many online bingo companies like Butlers Bingo are also offering massive first deposit bonuses (up to 300%). Just think, if you deposit £10 you’ll have £40 to play with which increases your odds exponentially of winning those cash prizes or jackpots when you play.Or you can simply play no deposit bingo at Butlers Bingo too. How to make free online money

Bookies Free Bets

For a while now, shrewd people have been making money from the plethora of free bets that bookmakers are offering. Indeed, it’s currently possible to make £770 from the ‘free bets’ that are currently available from the likes of William Hill, Ladbrokes, Bet 365 and Paddy Power (but you do need a bit of money and a good deal of patience to achieve that goal). Whilst some bookmakers genuinely offer ‘free bets’ to new customers – most of the offers are matched bets meaning if you place a bet of say £20 – you’ll get a free £20 bet (some bookmakers allow much bigger matched bets). Okay, that’s the easy part. The hard part is that once you’ve placed your original bet at let’s say odds of evens – you then have to lay that bet back on one of the betting exchanges such as Betfair. Having placed those two bets, ideally, you should then lose no money on them (though the likelihood is you’ll lose around a pound due to Betfair commission). Still, you’ve now got a £20 free bet to play with. Now bookmakers are hoping you’ll try and win big at this point and simply stick your bet on a big-priced selection. Sure, you could win big – but if you want to guarantee yourself some money you have to be smart and not get greedy. Simply place your £20 free bet on an even-money shot with the bookmaker and then lay £10 of that bet back on a betting exchange – this way you’re guaranteed to win about £10.

Get paid for watching videos and playing games

If you fancy getting paid a little bit each month for watching online videos and playing online games, then you might want to consider becoming a member of something like Swagbucks where you can earn around £25/month for doing just that. Swagbucks awards ‘Swag Points’ for doing lots of fun web-activities and you can turn these points into vouchers for places like Amazon. It’s possible because companies pay for Swagbucks to do market research, and Swagbucks passes on a cut to participating members.


So what are you waiting for – start earning free online money today! Have you tried an online money making method you would recommend? Got some comments for our other PFJ readers?

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