7 Unique Ways to Invest and make money in your spare time

by Mike on December 18, 2013

7 Unique Ways to Invest

No matter what investment you decide to choose in your road to financial freedom it needs a certain level of dedication to be successful. Most of them require commitment, time and courage to face challenges and disappointments. If you are all three then here are 7 unique ways to invest that you might not have considered that you can do in your spare time that can include something you are passionate about and might just add an extra income to your pocket.



You may have something that you are good at like writing, drawing or even how you speak. These skills can now help you earn money. There are several sites online like Fiverr for example that hire people for projects that can make use of your talents. You can write articles, create logos or designs and you can submit recordings that businesses can use on their IVR or presentations. Great thing about this is that you can work directly from your home at your own convenience and there’s no limit to the number of projects you can do to bring in some extra cash flow.


Rare coins are extremely valuable but this is one investment where research is crucial. You can’t just start your collection with coins you found under the carpet. Coin collectors, who are your potential customers, look not only for rare coins but also old and at least in good condition. It may not be easy building up this type of business but you can be richly rewarded if the coin is right.

Gold Trading

Investing in gold can be done in several ways. You can purchase gold bullion, buy gold mining stocks or through mutual funds. It may be an expensive investment but for years now a lot of investors are adding gold to their portfolio. Gold value cannot be changed nor affected by any currency which makes it as the ideal investment against inflation.


To be able to successfully invest in antiques, you must also be interested in them as well as knowledgeable. This is also a great investment if you love art and history. Make sure you do a lot of research which piece to buy based on its historical significance and collect things that are in high demand but with low availability. This will not be a fast and easy way to make money but with the right antique you can either make a lot of money selling it or own something majestic at home and it allows you to make some money from one of your interest or passions!


7 Unique Ways to Invest and make money in your spare timeWho doesn’t love a tasty and luscious meal prepared with love and care. This is one investment where the demands are always high as long as you can find the right place or market to sell to! Also home cooked dishes and hampers are now wonderful gift idea for all occasions. You can either just cook a single line of food item or a variety of them. If you do love cooking and you cook great, it’s about time to start organizing those recipes and come up with your very own menu that you can turn into you own small side business.

DIY Crafts

If you are creative, good with your hands and passionate about saving the environment, why not earn money by creating crafts? This is a fun way to invest and won’t require a very huge start up fee. You can make use of what you already have or buy tools that you can use in multiple projects. Also you can come up with a line of collectibles or personalized gift ideas. People love this kind of stuff and it does help your business reputation when you’re doing it for the environment. I know someone who builds wooden picnic tables in his spare time simply because he enjoys working with wood and people keep offering to buy them from him!

Weekend Markets

Weekends may be a time for some to take a break and lounge around. But if your someone who feels the weekend can help with earning a little more then the weekend market is right up your alley. Most communities usually organize their own weekend markets where sellers set up tables and showcase their goods and services. This is a great opportunity since most people do their shopping on weekends and spend more time doing it. On top of that you have an option to sell those various items we mentioned above whether it be food, antiques or those things in your attic you no longer have use for but others will all of which can help bring in an additional income.


7 Unique Ways to Invest and make money in your spare timeWhich unique way to invest suits you?

We are about to end the year and this represents a great time to assess our financial status and where we all are on our journey. Have you done good this year on terms of paying off your debts or improving your bank accounts? Do you need to consider some other unique ways to earn money or invest? Have you moved forwards or gone backwards? Even if it is far from satisfactory the act of taking a step back and looking in at your financial situation means  you still have a shot in attaining financial freedom we are all trying to find.

Whether you have a steady flow of income coming in which more than meets your needs it should not stop you keeping your eyes and ears open on new ways to earn more. Having your own multiple investments and income streams will give you a more secure stream of profits!


Do you have any other unique ideas that can be good investments?  Share it with us to inspire others to invest and start making a difference to their financial lives.


***Photos thanks to stux and Public Domain of Pixabay***

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