Winter promotional marketing: a how-to guide for business owners

by Mike on November 16, 2013

Winter promotional marketing: a how-to guide for business owners

My biggest grumble as a small business owner is that the marketing and promotional objectives are going to change as the seasons change. I have written before about easy ways to promote a small business and using promotional products is pretty much the next step in this process. You all followed those suggestions and your ready for the next part right?

With Promotional marketing the whole process needs to evolve as the seasons change. What works during the start of year and its relevant season isn’t going to have the same results at the end of the year. Not only that but the cost is going to change as well so its a double whammy!

So as the year changes and progresses so too should our promotional marketing efforts. The winter months will signal a change from the merchandising events you took part in during the spring, summer and autumn, so it’s worth re-evaluating your efforts in time for the coming season. After all: music festivals, beach holidays, Halloween and Guy Fawkes night will no longer be on the agenda! Take a look at my how-to guide to winter promotional marketing and get the most from your marketing dollars throughout the coldest time of year.

Look ahead to events and occasions

Different events and occasions occur throughout the year, and if you want your merchandising efforts to be successful then it’s important to keep an eye on your own promotional marketing calendar. While the summer has music festivals and sporting events and the autumn is the time for bonfires, fireworks displays and ghostly costumes. Winter, of course, has is its own season of celebration. The major event of the year in every promotional marketer’s diary will inevitably be Christmas, and it pays to prepare for the festive season in advance. Deciding what your merchandising efforts will consist of (corporate gifts, promotions to customers, giveaways, etc) and ordering your promotional products in ample time will allow you to receive the items you need at the best price. And savings are something we all want right?


Smart business owners think of what your customers might need

Most business owners (like me) make the assumption that the Christmas months are going to be quiet and so therefore my marketing and promotional efforts should also slow down. While there are specific promotional marketing efforts we know we should make during the winter months, there’s no reason why your standard merchandising and marketing activities should come to a halt at this time of year and in fact keep in mind people can often have some more time during this period to absorb your message!. If you’re looking for promotional products to give to your clients and customers, it pays to think of the kind of objects they might actually need at this time of year. While seasonal, summer promotions may have included beachwear, bottled water and sunscreen or similar, your winter merchandising offers should be similarly seasonal. If you’re handing out branded objects at an event or exhibition, consider offering your customers items such as woolly hats, umbrellas or lip balm that will be particularly well-received during the colder months of the year.


Be bold, remember branding and be different

It’s worth remembering that whatever you do for your Christmas promotional marketing activities, your competitors are likely to be doing something similar. Lots of different companies will be handing out branded baubles and advent calendars around Christmas time, so you need to think outside the box and do something a bit different. Find that different service or supplier which is going to give you an edge over the standard marketing efforts other business owners employ. MP Mueller over at the NYTimes wrote an interesting observation about the suprising power of promotional products  and commented that when the right product is chosen and personalized to your chosen targets. Finding a company that allows you to design and personalize your own promotional products no matter how unique or unusual they might be. Companies who can offer suggestions like Stay Sourced promotional ideas offer could be the edge you need to succeed and win some more business in a time when traditionally your winding down for the year!


 How much do you focus on your marketing and promotional products during Christmas? Do you normally close or are busier than ever? Leave us a comment about your business and don’t forget to share!



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