Stay at home and save while making the most of your garden this winter

by Mike on November 6, 2013

Stay at home and save while making the most of your garden this winter

Just because the light summer nights have given way to cold, dark and dreary evenings, there’s no reason why your outdoor space should be neglected from your presence for months on end. Traditionally in those colder months we tend to go looking for warmer locales when we want to get out of the house and we often neglect or don’t consider our home garden as a choice.

To ensure you make the most of this area be it rain or shine, here are a number of ways to keep comfy and enjoy relaxing in your garden whatever your budget may be:


Keep it well-lit

Illuminating your garden can be so much more creative than just switching on your outdoor light and feeling the brightness of a spotlight staring into your pupils. Try something more subtle such as stringing outdoor fairy lights to your fence, adding a set of stunning net lights to your hedge or even line the route to your front door with garden path bricks in white or blue.


Dress for the occasion

You’re obviously going to need to dress more sensibly – opting for more layers than just your favorite summertime dress or a short-sleeved shirt. So, to prepare your wardrobe for the wintertime evenings, why not invest in a quality quilted jacket and collaborate with a set of winter accessories – the traditional trio of hat, scarf and gloves! On your feet, you can’t go wrong with a pair of thick boots; they are a more casual, comfortable, flexible and often offer insulation and waterproof abilities.


Make a theme of it

If you’re inviting your friends and family round for a good old fashioned get-together, then make sure they’re not bothered by the idea of being outside for hours and hours! Adding a theme to your garden gathering will encourage a higher turnout. Why not go for a Mexican theme, for example? Then dish-up hot and spicy tacos, play with the Pinata and stay nice any cosy warm in an oversized poncho and sombrero – sorted! Try five more outdoor winter party ideas here.


Keep yourself warm

As we’ve already mentioned, chilly breezes can make your outdoors experience less-than-ideal. To reduce the risk of frostbite nipping at your digits your going to need some heating. Wood based braziers can offer comfy surrounds for get togethers. Even cheaper are gas fired ones which can run for long periods of time and don’t require you to cut and stack wood! They’re relatively cheap to run and are perfect for ensuring whole areas of your garden are bustling and warm for you and your guests. Table-top ones are available if you’re eating or around a table.


Invest in quality garden furniture

Unless you want your tables and chairs to rust over ad fall apart at the first sign of a snowflake, it’s worth spending the extra on top-notch furniture that will last you for years. It may sound strange, but because you’re shopping in winter, you’ll be able to grab the best deals – with stores trying to shift their summer stock, which will save you a pretty penny next summer.


Fuss over a fireplace garden fire pit

Grab your gloves, wield your forks and get those marshmallows toasted! If you want to save your lawn from being charred by a fire, you can pick up a fire pit or a chiminea quite cheaply, again, because you’re shopping in winter. An outdoor fireplace will let you have all the fun of a camping trip, but from the comfort of your own back yard!


Light a lantern

As long as your home doesn’t have low-hanging trees nearby, why not place some lovely lanterns atop your tables to give your garden a few decorative accessories. They will set the mood for your enjoyable evening and will stop any candle wax from melting onto your patio furniture too.


Look after your plants

When the sun goes down and your lawn stops growing, it’s easy to think that your plants will hibernate with the animals, and accidentally neglect them – leaving you a lot to do when spring rolls around. Planting some perennials, that keep flowering year after year, require minimal effort. Check out the unusual ones stocked by Suttons and you can create an array of blooms of different heights and shapes around the garden. Just make sure you put some mulch or bark chips down to keep them well-nourished and their roots insulated.


Got a great winter time garden activity? Had a party outside in the cold? Leave us a comment and don’t forget to share!


 ***Photo thanks to Daryl_mitchell & Nomadic Lass***

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