5 Costly Mistakes Contractors Make When Starting a Home Remodel Project

by Mike on November 15, 2013

5 Costly Mistakes Contractors Make When Starting a Home Remodel Project

One of the most profitable ways that a contractor can make some money is by working on a home remodel project. These normally do not take too long to complete and come with strong profit margins. While a home remodel project can be very profitable for a contractor, there are five common mistakes that a contractor ca make that can cut into their overall profitability.

First Mistake: The first mistake that contractors make when starting a new job is not getting contractors insurance when they start the job. When working on a new job, a contractor is taking on a lot of liability in the event that something goes wrong. Having commercial general liability insurance will protect the contractor in the event that an accident takes place. If something does go wrong, the insurance could prove to save the contractor a considerable amount of extra money.

Second Mistake: Contractors also frequently make the mistake of not fully analyzing the job before they start work. While a contractor comes out to give an initial estimate, many of the contractors do not spend enough time analyzing everything that goes into the project. Once they start working on the project, the contractor may soon find that they completely under-estimated the bid. While some of the excess expense can be passed back on, it almost always will cut into the profit that the contractor can make on the project.

Third Mistake: The third mistake that is commonly made is falling behind schedule. While providing an initial accurate bid is very important, so is providing an accurate schedule for when a project will be completed. If a contractor starts to fall behind their initial projected schedule, they will eventually be forced to hire sub-contractors to complete some of the work to speed up the process. In almost all cases, this will result in a reduced profit margin for the contractor and could even end up making the job a financial loss.

5 Costly Mistakes Contractors Make When Starting a Home Remodel ProjecFourth Mistake: Another mistake that is made by contractors is that they do not negotiate on the costs of their materials and employees. When accepting a bid, contractors will likely have to negotiate with the homeowner. While this is a common recurrence, many contractors neglect to negotiate on the cost of their labor and material. If they do spend the time negotiating these costs, it could end up saving a lot of money. Many workers and suppliers will be more than willing to accept lower wages or payment if it is for a bigger job that provides guaranteed work or a bigger sale.

Fifth Mistake: The fifth mistake that a contractor will make that could end up being costly is not taking advantage of up-sell opportunities. When they are going through the remodeling project, a contractor may notice additional improvements that could be made, which could increase their profitability. Contractors that do not try to sell their customers on these improvements could be missing out on a lot of extra revenue and profit.

In conclusion, taking on a home remodeling project can be a great way for a contractor to make a strong profit. While a home remodeling project can be a very profitable undertaking, there are five common mistakes that contractor’s make that could end up being very costly and cut into their overall profitability.



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