5 Unique Money Saving tips When Dining Out

by Mike on October 29, 2013

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Dining out is convenient and fun but it can be pretty expensive. Since dining out for some people is inevitable by the nature of their work, it may help to observe some money saving tips that will help cut down on expenses.

1.    Selecting your eating place carefully

There are many eateries in town and the difference between the one you choose and another one just a little more classy might be enormous.  Some places deliberately make their prices high to make their outlet exclusive. Such a place is more of a meeting place than an eatery, so management tries to block some category of customers using their pricing. If your intention is just to enjoy a meal why pay more for a need you don’t have? In most cases the company you have at the time is the reason to enjoy a meal together, not to share a social evening or hold a business meeting.

2.    Combining meals with friends to save

Some opportunities may seem obvious but you don’t take advantage of them until someone points them out. For example three of you may be frequent a hotel at the same time and order your favorite food most days of the week. Say during the lunch hours. And every time you are through none of you have finished your meal completely. It would surely help you save if you ordered your food as a unit. A number of good hotels have platters on offer and you could order one with some accompaniments bringing down the amount of money each person spends. Or perhaps two main meals and an entree instead of three full meals. Perhaps rather than three 370ml bottles of beverage, you might want to order 1ltr for the three of you and spend less on overall.

3.    Dropping entrees on menus and limiting food courses

The reason why many people enjoy the full meal course or courses plus all the entrees and a wide range of desserts is that they have enough time to spare to eat all that. A one-hour meal or shorter cannot allow you to consume everything; yet as long as it came to the table, you are going to pay for it. A simple method to restrict how much you order is to have shorter meals. The easiest trick of allowing less time to eat, helps to avoid waste and means you pay for only the necessary part of the meal. You may not make friends with the restaurant when you dine and leave but its your money your saving in the short and long term.

servings4.    Mind your meal timings and sizes

You will be amazed at how much you can save if you avoid eating at a routine time and instead set your mealtimes to suit your wallet. If you are able able to eat at off peak hours and at a time when the restaurant is quiet not only will you get discounts on the pricing but also the staff can give you personalized service. Sometimes establishments have privileges and flexibilities that are not stated on the menu and you only get to learn of them when you inquire. You can also ask to be allowed to order reduced food portions, a drink in a glass instead of a tankard, entree instead of main meal sizes and so on. If you are dining out as a family multiplying this by how many family members you have only makes it all the better for the savings. These can actually be one of the best money saving tips for families but you will need to make your timing suitable and observe healthy eating.

5.    Audit your bill

It may seem like a fuss or trivial but giving the bill the once over can make a huge difference to your monthly spend when dining out. It is fairly common that customers can pay as much as $10 and beyond only because an item on their bill was double-counted or because an item from another table ended up on yours. In some extreme cases of underhandedness some eating places have the waiters collude with cashiers to overcharge customers. This can happen especially when they notice a lots of customers don’t check the bill before paying. Some also take their chances when you have been having a few alcoholic beverages.


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