Money saving tips for the Laundry

by Mike on September 26, 2013

money saving tips for the laundry

Although the economy is in the process of recovering, no matter if you are poor, old, young or wealthy chances are your still looking for ways to keep a little bit more in your bank and thus today we present money saving tips for the laundry that we can all do. We all know that (with a few exceptions) doing the laundry and keeping our clothes clean is far from being our favorite chore but like shopping for food and clothes can cost quite a lot of our weekly budgets.  Today’s articles addresses the issue of Household Tips for Saving Money with your laundry and offers easy solutions that just about everyone should be able to do.

It all starts with what may seem the biggest and obvious way to you can try saving money with your laundry;

  • Doing your laundry at home instead of going to a Laundromat! I know often its a convenience factor but what are you really spending?
  • Running only full loads
  • Air drying
  • Using cheap detergent
  • Some people have even experimented with washing their clothes at home only with water. Aided by the agitation of the (washing) machine’s vortex, water is forced through the fabric taking all the dirt particles with it. This primarily works with cleaner clothes that have been worn only once and can be just as fresh as the ones washed with detergent.
  • You could also make your own detergent from plain soap, washing soda and Borax amongst other things.
  • And another hot tip if you want your clothes feeling nice and soft, try adding white vinegar in the machine. Vinegar has the amazing quality of making materials soft and gentle to the touch.

Lets get extreme about Laundry Savings

Another extreme alternative for saving money with your laundry is washing all your clothes manually which not only to saves a lot of water but energy too. All you need is to put saving money with your laundrywater in a basin and add a small amount of laundry detergent. After the detergent had dissolved completely, add the clothes and let them soak in for a while. Take the clothes and vigorously rub them together. Soon, the water will become grey or muddy. Rinse the clothes by replacing the dirty, soapy water with a clean one. Its not rocket science!

If you are too busy or plain lazy to wash your clothes by hand, another of the not so obvious money saving tips for the laundry includes investing in a very good, eco-friendly washing machine. Energy and water-saving washing machines may seem expensive at first but they will save you a lot of money in the long haul. You might also opt for limiting washes to only a couple a week. Not all that unreasonable but also dependant on how big your wardrobe is or how many members your family has.

Not ironing is also a good tip; instead of putting your clothes in a pile and throwing them in the dryer, shake and stretch them while they are wet in order to take all the creases out. Then nicely hang them in an aired place. Air drying, in contrast to using a dryer, helps keep the fabric in a better shape and lengthen its life and saves on electricity/energy.

My favorite Saving money with your Laundry Tip

money saving tips for the laundryWhen it comes to saving money with your laundry, my favorite tip is something that not many people know. The price difference between top-loading and front-loading washing machines is the main reason people choose to buy one or the other. But few of them know that front-loading machines are much more economical because they uses a third of the amount of water the other one does. In consequence, it also consumes less energy. Less water means that your clothes are going to dry faster as well. So even though the top-loading washers might seem the better choice because they are more cost-friendly, in fact, you will save more money with a front-loading one. Front loading machines are also thought to be more effective in actually getting the clothes clean and not doing damage to them.

With these money saving tips for the laundry, putting money aside for more important things such as college, a new family car or rainy day /medical care has never been so easy. The laundry room is the ideal place to get creative and think outside of the box while improving your finances.


Know someone bogged down with dirty cloths who could use some tips on saving money with your laundry? Don’t forget to share!


***Photos thanks to Average Jane, spiesteleviv & LGEPR ***

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