Good financial reasons to volunteer your time

by Mike on September 14, 2013

volunteer your time

Every fresh college graduate dreams of finding that perfect job where they can grow and receive great financial and professional satisfaction but how often do these plans include doing something for free or even considering to volunteer your time?. Most times, graduates have no experience whatsoever in the working world and yet expect to be hired for the most prestigious jobs.

 Volunteering your time is the best and easiest way to gain work experience, find out whether you like the field, make numerous networking connections, find often hidden other work opportunities and slowly make your way (from the bottom) to the top of your dream job. There are, of course, many other reasons for volunteering and all of them are advantageous for you;

  • You are often not doing yourself or any prospective employers a favor by going straight into your chosen field without some experience.
  • You couldn’t yet have the necessary expertise to provide them or be a valued employee.
  • Your offer to volunteer to an organization in your field of work when accepted often means the companies are volunteering their best people to help and train, along with giving you experience and a taste of what it is to work in this industry.
  • The most common misconception about volunteering is that you are doing work for free. The reality is that you are getting a free education.
  • Last but not least if you have taken advantage of your time and they happen to need someone like you you have an insiders chance of become one of their colleagues rather than just a resume.

 Being a good scholar and doing something that you love

 Everyone’s reasons for volunteering are different, being directly dependent on their personal needs, expectations and aspirations. Ambitious people never miss any opportunity to learn as much as they can before landing  that much awaited job so that they can be prepared to face any obstacle. You can gain skills, mold your talents and keep your mind sharp. It will certainly impress your future boss.

 Many students pass up on many great offers that come their way during their college years thinking they will wait for the next one or that they are going to find something better. After finishing college they often come to the realization that the opportunities were so many because they were in college and that now, many doors have closed on them.

You should have intrinsic reasons for volunteering your time. If you’re passionate about a certain work field, you would most certainly want to work in that domain as much as possible, even if that meant not being paid for a while. Everyone wants to find a job they love so why would anyone pass up the opportunity to not do what they are passionate about even if it means doing it for free?

 Pave your way from the bottom up and boost your self esteem

 Aside working for free, another very big misconception about the workplace is that you have to start big. The reality is that you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top. This can be easily achieved by getting an internship at a desired firm. Every potential employer will understand the main reasons for volunteering should be intrinsic but taken steps forward including volunteering shows initiative.

 So after you’ve shown everyone at the firm that you know a thing or two and you’re not afraid to stray from your ways, apply for a full-time position and blow the interviewer’s mind with your vast knowledge of the firm and the position you’re applying for. You’ll have great advantage over other people who have applied for the same job because you now know what kind of person the company is looking for.

Volunteer your timeWhen you Volunteer your time what goes around comes around

 This is by far the biggest reason I have for any of the free things I regularly try to do. When you Volunteer your time it means you are giving back to the universe something. Whether this be time, effort, sweat or even a donation your showing the universe, fate (whatever you may call it) you exist and showing that you have potential. We all know no good deed goes unpunished so expect to struggle for a while but I find everytime I make an effort to GIVE something usually comes my way.  Have a little faith that in the end you will be repaid for your hard work and selflessness. Even working at a non-profit organization is a great way of donating your time to a cause that you truly believe in.

No matter your reasons for volunteering, you should always remember to have fun. These are the years when you can truly take advantage of every moment to learn, be creative and have fun and make the most of it!

Know someone who has volunteered their way into a job? Experience karma repaying your efforts? Leave us a comment and don’t forget to share!

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