Creative money saving ideas for the car

by Mike on July 30, 2013

money saving ideas for the car

Part two of saving money in the car and on your gas bills (click here for Part 1 on How to Save money on Gas). This time let’s get really creative on how to save money when driving around and on gas. Many of us already have our own useful techniques and ideas and let’s discuss a few unique Tips On Saving On Gas.

How can I save money on gas

If you have a car you need gas. All that will ever vary is how much you use and what you pay for it. Although there are hybrid cars out there that will help reduce the amount of gas that you need you will still have to weigh up the cost of that car versus standard vehicles. Even pure electric cars are on the rise in some locations but the trouble of charging those vehicles only swaps one problem for another. And alas many of us are not ready to make that type of investment nor can it be very practical for everyone. For those of us still needing to hit the pumps here are some creative ways to save money on gas.

  • Car pool – I know its been said and discussed and told but so many people like the independence of their own vehicle. If you are lucky enough to have a co-worker that lives close by coming to a car pool agreement with them can save both of you lots of money. Take turn driving, maybe one week at a time that will equal out to you driving 2 weeks a month. The person driving pays for the gas in their own car. This will cause you to only pay for 2 weeks of gas a month. If you are spending $50 a week on gas this just saved you $100 a month. Multiply this by 12 months!
  • Use cruise control – When driving on the expressway and you have steady flowing traffic use your cruise control. It causes you not to have to accelerate as much and in turn saves gas. Note If you have to drive on a save money on gaslot of hills this may not be the best idea. Its not always a pleasant experience when your cruise trys to rally a high hill corner at speed while accelerating.
  • Clean out your car – If you are the type of person that likes to keep a lot of belongings in your car, you may want to think twice about it. The heavier your car is the more fuel it takes to drive it. Clean the car, but also be realistic. You will definitely want to leave some very important and useful things in the trunk. The spare tire, car jack, tools, first aid kit and other necessary items should remain in your car. I’m talking about the extra items, sports bag, golf clubs, kids toys and other unnecessary things that don’t need to be there to weigh the car down.
  • Drive slowly – This might be easier said than done. When I get into the car I want to get to where I’m going and fast (anyone relate to this?) . But this is definitely something to put in the forefront of your driving habits. The reason you should try driving slower is because it uses less fuel in comparison to stomping on the gas pedal every few minutes. Some of us who live in the big city have no choice as to drive slowly because we spend most of our time in bumper to bumper traffic anyway.
  • Find a direct route – A GPS system is a great investment for drivers these days. You can plan a trip ahead of time, and instead of ending up sitting in traffic and wasting time and gas you can route your trip, even if it’s to the local store. Avoiding high traffic areas really helps and also provides a calm driving experience. Most modern GPS also offer faster, slower, quicker and even cheaper options with route selection.
  • Park in the shade – Try to park in the shade at all times possible no matter what the season. Gasoline actually evaporates from your tank when in direct sunlight even if it’s cold outside. So by parking in the shade you can prevent this from happening and not give any more money to the pump than you need to.
  • Buy a Scooter – I know this one sounds a bit extreme and not entirely practical but it might do you some good to consider. And of course you will want to take your commute into consideration. If you are able to invest in a scooter it will definitely help you save money on gas and parking! Not to mention time since you will be able to scoot in between cars and beat traffic jams. This is of course something you would do safely and by obeying all traffic laws right!

Whats your money saving ideas for the car?

money saving ideas for the car What unique ideas do you have to save money on your commute and in the car?


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