The Green Initiative – Lead an Eco-Friendly lifestyle

by Mike on March 27, 2013

Eco-friendly lifestyle

It’s become a well-known fact in recent years that there are amazing benefits to be gained by switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle. And as this knowledge becomes more prevalent, the costs of these changes have been rapidly decreasing.  In fact, many companies and government agencies are now openly encouraging consumers to begin switching to more energy efficient and eco-friendly lifestyle choices.

The fact is though, many families are still hesitant to make that final switch because it is quite a large commitment in the long run, and there is still a slight stigma going around that leads people to believe that switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle costs more than it saves.  This could be the case for larger projects, but it’s not true anymore for smaller households.  The benefits now outweigh the hardships by quite a lot.

Eco Friendly choices for everyone

Residents of Pennsylvania who are using PPL Electric for their electricity supplier will see that the company always sends out correspondences informing their customers about energy efficiency and explaining why they should become more eco-friendly.

They have recently begun a new electricity plan available for households that allow them to drastically decrease their electricity bills by being aware of “peak” hours.  It’s designed to get their customers to use less energy Eco Friendly choicesduring times of high electrical strain (such as early in the morning when everyone is waking up) and they’re rewarded for doing so.  This is an excellent package for families who haven’t begun to switch over to energy efficiency yet as it helps open their eyes to the energy they’re using, which is already half the battle.

Customers in Alberta will quickly see that they can get plenty of tips straight from their electricity providers to help switch them over to a more energy efficient way of life.  By browsing about and clicking at the top of the page, you can read through a lot of helpful pointers on how to get energy usage down, which will dramatically cut overall electricity costs.  Some of the tips listed aren’t difficult, but they do require a bit of commitment. You can easily print the page out and keep it with you for constant reference.

Eco friendly choices aren’t just in the home

If you live in California, purchasing an eco-friendly car has several benefits outside of just saving money and being better for the environment.  California residents who purchase a green car can have unlimited access to the carpool lanes even if they’re only driving by themselves.  This rule was put in place as a nice incentive for residents to buy an energy efficient car to help cut down on pollution in the busy cities within the state.  It appears that this initiative will be extended by another ten years, furthering the benefits of it.  And with all the current tax credits available to those who have recently bought eco-friendly cars, it’s well worth it to switch to one.

These days, companies are making it much easier for families to convert their households to energy efficient standards and the costs of these changes have been drastically going down.  In many cases, it ends up saving people much more money than they originally thought, which makes eco-friendly decisions easier to commit to.


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1 KC @ genxfinance April 29, 2013 at 6:49 pm

Switching can be expensive but think about how much can you save in the long run.

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