Liability in a car accident

by Mike on January 30, 2013

Car Accident Liability

Aside from the initial shock of being involved in a car accident one of the biggest problems with claiming compensation for the incident can be proving who exactly was at fault. Everybody has an opinion and their version of the event can vary depending on how and why their involved. Your solicitor will discuss the details of the accident with you and collect empirical evidence in order to help prove legally who was at fault. Typically, at the time of an accident, our first thoughts are on our own safety, then other people involved in the accident itself but if you are able to collect witness details and even take photographs then this may prove very beneficial to your solicitor when they are building your case.

 Your Solicitor

A good personal injury solicitor will be able to provide information for injured drivers to help them gauge the likelihood of success during the claim and also the amount that you can expect to win if your case is successful. This figure can vary dramatically according to blame and severity of injury.


A road traffic solicitor will also be able to provide information for injured pedestrians and bystanders. Pedestrians that are hurt while on the road may struggle to prove that blame lies elsewhere for all the same reasons the driver or drivers have. However, being injured while on a crossing, on a pavement, or on another pedestrianized area can lead to large compensation payments once negligence is proven on the part of the driver. As a pedestrian you may also be able to claim compensation if hit by a cyclist or if you endure other forms of accident.

 More Information On Your Vehicle Accident

Your solicitor will require more information on the nature and the specifics of your accident. They will want to collect evidence and as well as evidence of the accident site and statements from all of the witnesses this will usually include evidence from your doctor, from a hospital, or from other healthcare professionals. This will be used to calculate the appropriate level of compensation to claim.

 Compensation Claims

Compensation claims vary greatly from one accident and from one case to another. A judge will consider all of the relevant factors including who was to blame, the extent and type of injuries endured, and the costs that you were faced with while going through rehabilitation and getting back to full health. Additionally a judge may consider lost income due to inability to work and other factors all of which good legal advice can help you navigate whether to blame or making a claim.


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