How No Win No Fee Can Benefit You

by Mike on January 18, 2013

No win fee

Have you been injured in an accident at work? Did a trip, slip or fall cause you bodily harm? Have you been in a car, bike or bus accident? I can tell you from experience that many business owners expect things of their employees outside of your normal role which can put you into a position of risking injury. Happened to me and could likely happen to you.

At the time I wasn’t aware of it but felt it may be a good idea to check with you the readers if you knew that no win no fee representation can help you receive compensation you’re entitled to when an accident isn’t your fault? I injured my back moving boxes that weren’t my responsibility nor part of my job description and never thought to ask the question!

If you’ve been injured in an accident, the first thing you need to do is to take care of yourself physically and emotionally and make sure your in a place where you can think clearly and rationally. Then, you need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself financially and more importantly make sure your not out of pocket personally. Part of the financial management aspect of an accident is your treatment from minor costs through to major health insurance claims and excess costs. A wise man once told me to pay for the best advice and help you can afford but a simple internet search can find you some of the best help available for no cost whatsoever. One site I had recommended by one of my UK readers is a firm called First4Lawyers. This company is a personal injury specialist firm that helps people obtain the settlements and money they deserve with no win no fee. Here are some resources I found:

Try and Visit for no win no fee advice

Visit for information on how to start a no win no fee claim

Whats the go with No Win No Fee?

Essentially, no win no fee is a conditional fee agreement type of law representation. The key feature of this is that you, the client, do not pay the standard lawyer fees unless your case is won. In the event of a successful verdict, the fees are deducted from your settlement, effectively causing you no out-of-pocket expenses. Compared to paying up front for a chance at some legal compensation this has to be a better option for many of us.

Another benefit of no win no fee is that you no longer need to choose representation based on cost. When firms such as offer no win – no fee claims, they are agreeing to take on your case at no cost to you unless there is a successful outcome. This means that access to quality representation for civil law matters (they cannot be used for criminal or family law matters) to all people despite income levels, socioeconomic status, etc. Are you following me? Your not going to end up with the cheapest lawyer (and in theory less effective) you can afford.

No win no fee representation also provides a great incentive for your lawyer to work hard to secure a successful outcome for your case. This is to the advantage of you and the lawyer (who will get paid based on a successful outcome).

How to Make No Win No Fee Work for You

When choosing representation, choose lawyers who have had experience and success with representing clients who have experienced the same kind of accident you have gone through. It also helps to check the firm’s success rate with the type of case you’re seeking representation.

Additionally, you always read the fine print when signing any types of contracts or agreements right?. You want to ensure you fully understand the terms, fees, charges and payment schedules for any awards your case my receive. Take your time to make sure you understand your position. It will mean no surprises later.  It also wouldn’t hurt to ask the firm for references and testimonials from past clients to help you make your decision about whether or not to accept representation from a given firm.

Finally, you may want to consider combining your no win no fee representation with ‘after the event’ insurance. After the event insurance (ATE) can be taken out after legal proceedings begin and will help to cover any unforeseen expenses that may arise from a dispute.  Combining these two protections will help to ensure you can keep your finances in tact after an accident.


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