Four great ideas to use a Big Screen for an Autumn Festival or Company Function

by Mike on November 20, 2012

Big Screen

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year because it gets darker out earlier and it is starting to feel cooler.  However, before it gets too cold, now is a great time to start having Autumn festivals or other fun outdoor events including that planned Corporate Function.

However, these days, many young people and kids don’t know what to do at these events, since they are so reliant on technology.  However, that doesn’t have to be a deterrent.  Here are some ways to engage with your children outdoors, by hiring a mobile screen company to  supply that Big Screen to make your Autumn festival amazing.

Play an Outdoor Movie on a Big Screen

 The most common thing that outdoor festivals do with technology today is play an outdoor movie.  On cool, clear nights, it can be a lot of fun to play a move on an outdoor big screen.  Plus, if you’re running a festival, it can be a great way to get some additional sales by selling refreshments and popcorn. For a Company Function your catering costs can reduced mightily by supplying movie style snacks instead of the full catering costs of an outdoor event.

When thinking about playing an outdoor movie, you usually need to contract with a special company that will setup the Big Screen, make the arrangements with the movie company (since movies are copyrighted you just can’t show any movie), and make sure that you’re covered for everything you need.  Think about what you want to do, and see if hiring a company to put together an outside movie is a good thing. If its for a company function  your finance team may even be able to use the hiring costs for tax purposes.

Big Screen Video Games

Another task for either the Autumn Festival or Company function is keeping the children entertained. A no brainer with modern kids these days is video games.  But why not take it to the next level at your festival and have video games outdoors.  You can easily setup mobile LED screens by to game consoles, and sell tickets for the children to play their favorite games.  Since kids already love to do this at home, there is no doubt they would get a lot of enjoyment being with their friends and playing their favorite games outside on such a Big screen. Can you imagine playing an old school arcade or role playing game on such a massive screen! Even the adults  may get into it.

Just make sure that you plan a good spot off to the side for this, because certain games can be loud or violent and the light from the Big Screen may bother some people.  You may also want a parent confirming that it is okay for children to play certain games, like first person shooters.  You don’t want to offend anyone at the festival.

 Don’t Forget the WiFi

 Finally, kids today are addicted to the internet and their phones, in fact they’d prefer to stay at home, most childrens bedrooms have all the fun they need. So it can be a battle to motivate them to want to go out for a family day out! But if you’re a parent and you want to have an enjoyable time at the Autumn festival, make sure that you have entertainment available for your teens.  This usually means giving them a phone or internet to use.  That’s why, if you’re planning a festival, hook up free wireless Internet so that anyone, especially kids and teens, can use it.  This can help keep them occupied so that parents can enjoy looking at all the different shops and vendors, and have a good time at the event.  Plus, hooking up free outdoor wireless Internet is actually pretty easy and cost effective.  Plus, your vendors may thank you for it and may even be willing to pay more for their booths since they could take credit cards or other payments cheaper. And the last plus is it can enable your Big Screen setup easier with the ability of modern screens to talk to wireless networks and the internet itself.



*** Photo thanks to Steve Bowbrick & Thekirbster***

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