Top tips to reduce moving costs

by Mike on September 25, 2012

Moving Costs

Great ideas on planning ahead to reduce moving costs

Moving house, while often an exciting and positive life change, can be quite a costly and time-consuming business. Even when downsizing to a smaller property, the expenses incurred through the sale of a house or flat and in securing a new home can be considerable.

An additional Moving costs that’s occasionally overlooked is that of the move itself and the transportation of furniture and belongings, sometimes over significant distance. However – as with everything in life – preparation is key, and there are plenty of ways to ensure you lower your moving costs (and your stress levels) ahead of time.

One of the simplest and most effective methods is to reduce the volume and weight of what’s being transported. Consider carefully what you no longer genuinely use or need – books, CDs, DVDs, clothing and electronics – and resell items that are still in good condition online or at a car boot sale in order to raise some extra finances for your move. If that sounds too time consuming – or if you’d rather do something socially responsible with your old belongings – bring them to a charity shop or the local recycling bank.

Research your moving cost savings

When researching a reliable removal firm to use – provided you are not planning to do all the moving yourself – get estimates from all the companies, ensuring not to miss out any important details of the job (large furniture items, distance, what size vehicle is realistically needed) that could see a quote rise unexpectedly later on.

Shop around for the best deal from a professional removal service who are reliable, respected and won’t include hidden charges as a matter of policy and compare what they are individually offering you. Don’t be afraid to ask for references/testimonials from previous customers if you feel it necessary for your peace of mind. This prevents last minute surprises with the bill on your moving costs.

Make sure to organise it ahead of time so that your new home insurance policy starts from the day you move in. In addition, there is nothing worse than having to shell out unexpectedly to replace items broken, lost or damaged during the move, so check whether your contents are properly covered insurance-wise for the moving trip itself. Some home insurance providers such as RIAS offer a high level of cover if your items are professionally packed and carried to and from anywhere in the UK.

Moving costs incidentals

Finally, in order to prevent any ‘emergency’ purchases when you first arrive at your new home, pack a large overnight bag that includes plates, utensils, tea, coffee, a kettle, snacks and a several tea towels. You’ll be sure to thank yourself when you arrive and will save money in the process.



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