Three Trading Methods to Suit Aspiring Traders

by Mike on September 28, 2012

Trading for Beginners

Trading on the open financial markets is becoming an increasingly popular practice, as independent and part time investors seek to maximize their levels of disposable income. While many may point to the development of sophisticated trading platforms as playing a pivotal role in this evolution, however, it is having access to an endless resource of information that is actively empowering traders with the tools to succeed. From web based tutorials to trading applications that allow investors to shadow successful practitioners of the art, the modern array of educational tools supersedes anything that has gone before them.

Learning the Financial Markets: Three Trading Methods for Beginners

Even with this wealth of information, however, an aspiring trader must still strive to protect themselves against the unpredictability of the market. Choosing the right method of trading is critical to achieving this aspiration, as some remain far less complex and restrictive than others. Consider the following: –

  • Financial Spread Betting: In terms of simplified trading methods, spread betting remains among the most prominent and easy to access. Spread betting also offers a lower risk to investors than other forms of trading, as it essentially relies on a contract between two separate parties rather than the physical exchange of shares. Also exempt from commission fees, tax and stamp duty, traders can begin to maximize their investments with a minimum of fuss and financial cost. If you like the sound of this you could try financial spread betting with CMC Markets.


  • Forex Trading: The debate about forex trading and its suitability as an investment method for beginners continues to rage, with many opinions shaped by personal experience. While the forex market is undoubtedly volatile and capable of inflicting huge losses on traders, however, those who are knowledgeable and well prepared can profit through generative margins and the markets significant level of liquidity. Intuitive traders can also profit in the forex market by selling short or buying long, which further reduces the risks involved.


  • Contracts for Difference (CFD) Trading: Another margin based trading platform, CFD traders can open a position without having to invest the full underlying value of a financial instrument. This is ideal for investors who may not wish to commit significant sums of capital immediately, while CFD trading also allows for real time trading and the instant execution of orders. Like spread betting, this method of investment is also undertaken in the form of an agreed contract, so the potential risks are far lower than direct commodities trading.

Now while these trading methods all offer significant benefits to aspiring or part time traders, it is important to remember that they still carry certain levels of risk. Ultimately, your ability to succeed and enjoy long term success as an investor will come down to your willingness to learn about the open financial markets, where you get advice from and how you apply theory to create a viable trading strategy. If your looking for solid financial advice companies like Camori Investments can help. f you are committed and considered in your selection process, then there is income to be made as an independent trader.


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