Stock Market Ideas: Motif Investing

by Mike on August 30, 2012

Stock Market Ideas

Stock Market Ideas

Motif Investing: A new way to look at the stock market.

Motif Investing is a 2010 company that has come up with a new novel way to approach investing on the stock market. In the past many of the Personal Finance tips we have provided dealt with saving money and being careful with your spending. In lean times people are often very skeptical of investment but with difficult times often comes opportunity or new ideas on the approach to making money through investment. Remember sometimes you need to give or spend money in order to grow it or make it back. Here is a new Stock Market Ideas for you.

What is Motif Investing

Many non stock market types like myself are often dazzled and confused by the many options (pun intended) available to a new investor on the stock market. Motif investing takes care of much of the confusing and difficult work involved by providing a researched and weighted portfolio that reflects an investing interest or idea, but then spreads the stock purchase. As an example if you were interested in technology stocks such as Tablet PCs  the Tablet Takeover Motif is a selection of stocks that revolving around investment in that technology and the manufacturers inside that market. Get the idea? Interested in Pets well then how about Pet Passion Motif. By my count there isn’t quite 100 different Motifs but its a very large range to choose from.

Customizing your Motif

So perhaps your a control freak like me who wants to know the gritty detail and finer points about whats going on with your investment? The good news is that you can also add, delete or change the weighting of the stocks thus customizing your Motif to what suits you. Or your the kind of person who believes in letting someone else who knows more do the hardwork. Then the many Motifs available allow you to click and look without having to spend hours doing the homework.

Get the Gossip

Want to talk to others doing something similar or engaged in the Motif community? Want to connect with others who have found Motif? Motif allows for community discussion about certain trends or if you value your privacy you can simply  sit back and watch the community interaction. On the Motif platform you can share as little or as much of your Stock Market ideas as you like. I fired up a quick Google search before writing this article for you and noticed over a million search engine results. So whilst this idea hasn’t been around long it is certainly getting some attention.

I know all of us would like to get our Personal Finances into a position where we can begin investing in making our money grow for us. Perhaps Motif investing is an option for you.


“This article was sponsored by Motif investing, an innovative new online investing platform that empowers individuals to easily invest in ideas they see every day. A motif is a carefully researched and balanced grouping of up to 30 stocks that combine to give investors diverse exposure to a single big idea.”

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