5 Tips That Will Save You More Money

by Mike on June 21, 2012

Piggy Bank

Everyone loves to save money, and what better time to save money than right now! Check out these five easy money saving tips that you can do in less than an hour, and possibly save yourself hundreds of dollars per year!

Check Your Bank

Bank rates are changing all the time. When was the last time you looked to see if your bank was still offering the best deals out there? Check out what bank accounts on offer are currently available, and see if you can get higher interest rates or fewer fees.

Call Your Cable Company

Cable is such a competitive business, especially with more and more consumers opting to stream shows and movies over the internet. As such, cable companies are terrified of losing customers. That’s why you should call your cable provider today and let them know you are unhappy with what you are paying, and suggest you may switch to a competitor or just watch shows online. You’ll be surprised how many come back at you with a discount.

Update Your Insurance

Insurance is another market that is very competitive, and there are many different variables that play into your premium. If you haven’t checked how competitive your insurance premium is, you should go online and see what the best rates are. If you’re not close, give them a call and get an accurate quote. You may find yourself saving hundreds of dollars.

Check Your Tire Pressure

This is a very simple task, but can save you hundreds. Driving on under-inflated tires is not only dangerous, but also uses more gas. With gas being so expensive, you should save every drop you can. Make sure that your tire pressure is optimal, so you’re not wasting any precious fuel (you can usually find the optimal tire pressure inside the door frame of your car).

Change Your Lightbulbs

Finally, you should update your lightbulbs to new energy efficient lights. There are many variations on the CFL bulb, and you can save a ton on your energy bill each month by switching out the lights in your home to more energy efficient ones.

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