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by Mike on April 23, 2012

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Guest Post comes from Financial Money Tips. Written by co-founder Kolton Green. Be sure you follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

No doubt you have heard that you should never mix money and family. With that in mind you can imagine some of the warnings we were given when we decided to go into business together as brothers. And after our first two business ventures had failed, these warning messages seemed to be just pointing and laughing at us.

It was one thing to try to go into business as brothers and have it fail, but to give it another shot at running a business that dealt with finance was more than some people could comprehend. Thankfully we didn’t listen to those naysayers. Those people are the ones that don’t have faith or any positive thoughts on achieving business success. Our background helped us to learn to never give up and so even in the face of failure we jumped in and did just that and found success. What started out as a blog to help others find their way financially, ended up changing our lives.

Finding Success

We never expected things to take of like they did or for us to learn so much along the way. We are by no means an ultimate authority on financial topics, but we have watched where the pitfalls are; often only after falling into them ourselves. We work really hard to help other people avoid those same mistakes before they fall into them.

At this point in our careers we still plan to create many more assets for ourselves. The ultimate goal is to get involved with other investments, business, and real estate ventures. The goal is to create many more passive income streams and get to a point where we can just sit back and let the money do all of the work for us. I mean, that is the ultimate goal for most people, right?

So that is what we do. We offer a platform for people to see, discover, and share the best steps to take in their own lives, which will lead them towards reaching their goals. And it has been an amazing process to see it happen over and over again.

Part of the success has been related to the fact that our blog is so open. We want people to comment on postings. We want to start conversations (and even heated debates) about personal finance. If there is one thing we have learned it’s that there isn’t just one right way to do things. The more reader input our blog receives, the more we know that we are helping people find a way to their own financial goals.

How It Started

At the ages of 21 and 24 we started Financial Money Tips. We come from a Mormon family in Colorado and much of our upbringing is what inspired us to do this work and start this blog. We both have a drive and desire to help others. We were both involved with competitive sports and being athletes set a competitive standard in our lives. We both learned to never give up on our goals and that you are going to fail some of the time, there is no way to avoid it. Without that foundation we would never have been able to get involved in investing and business like we have.

Financial Money Tips wasn’t where we started in business. After taking a few college courses in business and finance we figured our time was better spent starting our own business and being entrepreneurs, rather than students. First we created a baseball bat company, which failed. Then we started a mobile waterless car wash, which failed.

These business failures were important. They taught us the value of research, planning, and finding answers before jumping in. They taught us how to lose money and recover from that loss. They taught us how to do things right. These failures have given us a confidence in our skills because we have learned from our mistakes and it had made us better business owners.

Moving Forward From Failure

Moving forward from those failures, we realized that there were probably thousands of other people making the same mistakes, asking the same questions, and wondering exactly how to best proceed in their own financial searches. And so, we found ourselves creating a blog to help show others the way, never expecting that it would help us to find the way at the same time.

Our website describes us as “regular joes” and that is what makes our platform so powerful. We are “regular joes” and what we have gone through helps others avoid the mistakes that we have made.

The theme of our business has always been “Self-education will make you a fortune” and that is truly what makes our blog so powerful. It is a system to help people increase their knowledge on financial issues, business planning, investing, and entrepreneurship. Not all of the information comes from us, not remotely! In fact, if it wasn’t for our readers and the people willing to share their own successes and failures, our site wouldn’t be nearly as powerful.

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1 Kolton @FMT April 25, 2012 at 10:29 pm

Jai –
We do consider ourselves lucky. Even though it gets pretty tough at times, we somehow push through it and make it work!

2 Jai Catalano April 24, 2012 at 1:46 pm

I could never work with my brother. It’s great you found success in doing so. If everyone were so lucky.

3 John | Married (with Debt) April 23, 2012 at 12:58 pm

Sounds very cool – glad you are able to work together as brothers.

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