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by Mike on January 26, 2012

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Do you want to know a simple, yet effective way to save money on groceries and to save on the household items you love and buy regularly?

Contact the company and let them know that you like their product. Almost every time they will send you coupons for as little as .50 off to as much as free product coupons.

Unlike days of old, you don’t have to spend the time to write a letter and mail it out. Simply contact the company via their online contact form or via the phone and let them know how you feel about their product.

When I found out I was dairy intolerant, there was only one company that made frozen meals I could eat. I don’t eat frozen meals often, but I do like to have them on hand for convenience because they cost less than picking up a meal out. I contacted the company, told them about my situation and thanked them for their product. They rewarded me with five $2.00 off coupons. Considering I could get the meals on sale for $2, I essentially got five free product coupons.

Just recently, I purchased a special dairy-free cheese that our family loves. Because it was on sale, we bought 11 bags. Yet, when we cooked omelets with it, the cheese had a funk; it just wasn’t the cheese we knew and loved. We tried a few more bags, and each bag we tried was bad. The grocery store said we could return the unopened ones, but we were out the price of the four bags we opened. At $3.79 a bag on sale, we were out $15. I called the company to complain, and they confirmed that the cheese doesn’t contain preservatives, so it could go bad if it was stored improperly. She then took down my address and sent me 11 free product coupons to make up for the 11 bags that I bought. Contacting the company saved me the $41.69 I would have otherwise been out.

A friend of mine wrote in to a company to complain about a problem with the pasta meal she purchased. Rather than getting some coupons, the company sent her several of their products for free. Was it worth her time to complain? She certainly felt it was, and it was worth it for the company to respond as they did because now my friend gives them positive praise.

Whether you are contacting a company to praise their product, inquire about it as I did with the cheese, or complain about the product, you will usually be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. Because it only takes a few minutes to send a message to the company, you might want to consider contacting a handful of companies a week. You will see your efforts rewarded.

While contacting companies won’t be enough to get you a rockbottom grocery bill, it is helpful in lowering your overall grocery bill. It can also help you save money on products you routinely use around the house. Selectively contacting companies and pairing the coupons they send you with sales prices will make a positive impact on your budget.

Have you contacted companies before? If so, what did you receive?

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1 Andi @MealPlanRescue February 2, 2012 at 1:11 am

I always forget to do that. Most of the companies I like are not your massive multi-national corporations, so things like coupons are few and far between. Signing up for their email newsletters hasn’t been helpful so maybe contacting them directly would be a great way to get money savers.

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