The Cost of Being in a Wedding Party

by Mike on August 25, 2010

Let me just start out by saying I have wonderific friends! I’m usually pretty organized, but planning a wedding and conference at the same time has me just a little off my game.

A couple weeks ago I went into David’s Bridal to register. I was told all bridesmaids dresses would have to be ordered that week to arrive within a week of my wedding date. YIKES! I had my heart set on this color and style. The groomsmen have already started to order tuxes with matching vests. My mind was racing…….could everyone order their dress in time? Only one way to find out….

I got on the phone and started calling all the ladies. The conversation went something like this:

Hey ______, I’m standing here in David’s Bridal and I was just told the dresses have to be ordered this weekend in order to arrive on time. I had no idea they had a minimum 6 weeks to process orders! Please forgive me for even asking, but is there anyway you can come in this weekend to get measured and place your order? The dress costs $150 and must by paid in full to place the order.

The response was mostly a light-hearted chuckle, but everyone agreed to order their dress within 72 hours. No one made me feel bad or guilty for my first wedding faux pas. I was hoping to give them 3-4 weeks to place their orders. I assumed a national bridal chain like David’s would have a quicker turn around…..boy was I wrong!

This got me thinking about the cost of being in a wedding party:

  • Bridal gowns / tuxes
  • Shoes
  • Hair styles & Hair cuts
  • Travel & Lodging for out of town attendants

There may be other miscellaneous costs such as child care, gifts, etc.

The morale of the story:
Appreciate your wedding party! They are making a sacrifice to be a part of your special day.
Plan in advance!

What about you? What other costs are associated with being in a wedding? How do you prepare financially?

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1 Judith M. Settles @ About Plus Size Bridal Gowns June 14, 2011 at 8:16 pm

Nice article! I leaned many info about it. Please continue spreading info! Thanks and God Bless!

2 Forest August 30, 2010 at 2:38 am

Good friends there, they came through for you.

Going to any event racks up some costs….. Especially those kerching (for the suppliers) events such as Weddings and Funerals.

Sad but easy for people to make big money on these days.
.-= Forest´s last blog ..Cost of Living in Texas =-.

3 Vera August 26, 2010 at 10:30 am

I agree, the costs can be insane! The last time I was part of a wedding was a few years back. Since it was a really good friend, I may have spent more money than necessary. There was the engagement gift, the bridal shower gift, and the wedding gift. Then there was the David’s Bridal bridesmaid dress, shoes, jewelry, the cost of staying in a hotel for the wedding, rental car, gas and the list goes on. All in all, I think it set back a good $1500. When I got married, I tried to take it easy on my bridal party since I knew how expensive it can be. I didn’t have a bridal shower, picked a cheaper hotel, let them wear whatever shoes they wanted and gave them jewelry as a gift. I know it was still pricey, but hopefully it made some difference.

4 Andrea August 25, 2010 at 9:37 am

It’s great to see that a bride is appreciative of her wedding party! Quite a few brides seem to forget that it can be expensive and time consuming to be a bridesmaid. In addition to what you mentioned, hosting showers and bachelorette parties (plus gifts for each of those wedding-related events) really adds up too. Knowing that I have a lot of friends who will get married or have babies soon, I’ve been adding more to the “gifts” part of my budget.
.-= Andrea´s last blog ..Always Check Your Receipts =-.

5 PF Journey August 25, 2010 at 9:49 am

Thanks Andrea! I see too many people get into the mindset of “they should be appreciative to be in the party”….that’s wrong in my humble opinion. Yes, it is an honor to be asked, but its not a pass to abuse your friends!

Having a gift budget is a good idea! I know a lot of people have Christmas budgets, but having a gift budget opens it up for showers, birthdays, and other unexpected celebrations.

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