Along the Journey Weekly Roundup #18: GRABBBR Edition!

by Mike on June 29, 2010

Every Tuesday, I will post a link roundup of articles I’ve found while researching the Internet.

I’ve partnered with several Bible based personal finance blogs, and we are in the midst of hosting GRABBBER, that is Giveaway Reaching All Bible Based Blog Readers. The concept is simple, perform actions to gain entry points, at the end of the contest period names will randomly be drawn. The more entry points you have, the better your chance to win. Actions include connecting with the GRABBBR partners via Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and / or newsletter. You can also gain points by tweeting about “GRABBBR”. Each partner will also have a “featured GRABBBR post”. Leaving a comment there will be worth 5 points.

Paul from Provident Planning takes the lead with the first GRABBBR featured post: How to Choose a Legal Guardian for Your Child
Leaving a comment here will earn you 5 entry points!

As the rest of our partners publish their featured GRABBBR posts, they will be made available on the Official GRABBBR page. Once you check out the rest of the roundup, head over there to learn more about the contest and how you can earn even more entry points. Here are some awesome articles the rest of our partners published this week:

Debt Free Adventure discusses Business Debt in a Sole Proprietorship

Gather Little by Little states that Marriage is Not a Financial Decision

One Money Design asks, What Would You Teach Yourself About Money?

Personal Finance By the Book dissects the question, Should You Roll Your 401(k) into an IRA?

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