Along the Journey Weekly Roundup #16: LOST Edition

by Mike on May 25, 2010

The EPIC Show LOST has come to an end. So sad. It was a great show full of mysteries, twists and long story arcs. I did not start watching the show 6 years ago, I only recently got hooked on Lost. Using Hulu, I was able to catch up on all 5 seasons of LOST before the 6th and final season started earlier this year. The story is based around the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 that departs Sydney Australia on the way to LAX. The flight crashes somewhere over the South Pacific and lands on a not so deserted island. Even though there are over 40 survivors, the show focuses on 14, depicting their life on the island and off the island through flash backs. Buy the end of the pilot episode, it’s obvious that this ain’t Gilligan’s Island! What’s that noise coming from the jungle, why is there a polar bear, what’s with the French radio transmission? Pre-order your copy of Lost: The Complete Sixth And Final Season

Now, on to the good stuff:

Budgeting the Fun Stuff discusses different types of insurance coverage.

The average cost for a wedding in America is over $20,000. Well some people like Cool to Be Frugal aren’t afraid to break the norm and list 10 principals for a frugal wedding.

Money Help for Christians challenges our Western way of thinking by asking: Should Missionaries Sell Bibles or Just Give Them Away? The answer may surprise you…

The Simple Dollar shares the Realities of Dropping Cable. As someone who is saving over $70 a month from cutting cable…I can relate.

The argument to pay above principal on your mortgage is nearly unanimous. But Sound Money Invest asks if those mortgage-saving programs a good idea? Hmm…a savings program that costs you money to do what you can do yourself…I don’t think so! My take: Pay extra, pay early, but don’t pay to do it.

PFJ On the Map


PFJ was listed as an editor’s favorite in this week’s Carnival of Money Stories

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1 Joseph | kickdebtoff May 25, 2010 at 4:24 pm

I am not a TV person.. but one of the series that i watch religiously is 24 the finale was last night and am sad that it’s over!!
.-= Joseph | kickdebtoff´s last blog ..10 Ways You are Getting Ripped Off =-.

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